automotive Case Study
Audi A6
The 2012 Audi A6 was engineered to 'make roads a more intelligent place' allowing drivers to handle roads more cleverly with nimble designs and sharp driver assistant technologies. Audi identified the need to create a buzz on Facebook and educate the masses on their new-found smart technologies.
Audi Fan Page
Audi Page Likes
Audi Facebook Ad
Audi Facebook Ad
Campaign Objectives:
  • Showcase the 2012 Audi A6 custom landing-tab on Facebook
  • Encourage consumer interaction with newly innovated A6 technologies
  • Deliver targeted fan base: 30,000 unique fans @ $1.65/fan
Key Highlights:
  • Precise City Targeting: Focus on dealer centric cities, top DMA's, most affluent cities (HHI above $100K)
  • Advanced Keyword Targeting: Algorithmic discoveries and connections between a) Luxury Cars b) Luxury Watches c) Road Safety Activists
  • 33% lift when using Sponsored Story Ad Units
  • Combat niche market saturation by introducing 800 unique ads per day
  • Total of 20,000 unique ad combinations rolled out
Campaign Results:
Cost-per-fan Cost Per Fan $1.45
Savings from Original Insertion Order Savings 12%
Extra Fans Gained from AdParlor Savings Extra Fans 4,500
Impressions Impressions 102,000,000
Clicks Clicks 55,000
Fans Fans 34,500