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Dynamic Ad Management

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Empowering Facebook Advertisers with Speed and Agility at Scale

The social advertising landscape is fierce, especially for marketers who are managing six to seven figure-advertising budgets. Marketers need to be operating at maximum efficiency, constantly ensuring that their success metrics are being achieved and that they are always iterating their campaign strategy to the changing social ad landscape. You need to constantly switch gears between your left and right brains — to strike a balance between the results you’re seeing now and what you want to see in the future. Read More


Twitter Q1/Q2 Data Trends

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AdParlor is an official Twitter Marketing Platform partner. Through our new platform, we have managed social media ad spend for some of the largest advertisers on the planet. We decided to dig into the data from Twitter campaigns we have run over the past two quarters in search of some trends. We excluded the outliers and used an aggregated data set that is comprised of over $2 Million dollars in ad spend across 30 unique advertisers. Read More


Video Meets Facebook’s Mobile News Feed: the Ultimate Test

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GREE reaches campaign goals through video ads

Mobile advertising is a balancing act. On the one hand, brands have the opportunity to reach prospects anywhere — at the gym, during a coffee break, and on morning commutes. The challenge, however, is that audiences have competing priorities. Human attention spans, over the years, have become shorter and shorter. Your company needs a high-impact way to make an instant connection.

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