Infographic: The Social Habits of Millennials

By December 29, 2015Infographic, Trend

As consumers, Millennials are both coveted and baffling. They comprise a large, economically powerful group, but Millennials don’t want to be seen as part of a massive, faceless demographic.They’re demanding, but never want to feel like they’re being sold something. They crave engagement, but largely on their terms.

In other words, marketing to Millennials can be a riddle for advertisers.

That’s why we created a new infographic, Social Habits of Millennials. In it, we illustrate the challenges and rewards advertisers face when creating campaigns for this important group of consumers. From social tendencies and preferences to spending power and marketing best practices, we outline what we’ve learned by running campaigns aimed the five core Millennial segments.

Check out the infographic below–and be sure to share it!

Infographic: The Social Habits of Millennials

Improve Your Millennial-Focused Campaigns

Kim McReynolds

About Kim McReynolds

Kim’s been an internet addict since Yahoo! was at Stanford. From website design to creating banner ads featuring fast-moving monkeys to project management she’s done it all. Today she helps lead the corporate marketing team. When she’s not throwing a party at Alcatraz or the Empire State Building, she’s engrossed in event planning, brand management and corporate messaging.

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