automotive Case Study
Range Rover Evoque
In promoting their new and most fuel-efficient vehicle, Range Rover directed their digital focus to the Facebook platform, where reaching a hyper-targeted audience was the key objective. {Mindshare} teamed up with AdParlor allowing for the immediate execution on platform efficiencies while targeting an audience, which would have otherwise been difficult to acquire.
Range Rover Facebook Fanpage
Range Rover Fanpage Likes
Range Rover Facebook Ad
Range Rover Facebook Ad
Campaign Objectives:
  • Support the launch of the 2012 Range Rover Evoque through custom landing-tab on Facebook
  • Encourage membership the Evoque "Insider" for exclusive access to local Evoque events and the customization of 'your new Evoque'
  • Deliver targeted fan base: 60,000 unique fans @ $2/fan
Key Highlights:
  • Precise City Targeting – Focus on dealer centric cities, top DMA's, most affluent cities (HHI above $100K)
  • Zip Code Targeting – Focus on most affluent cities
  • Advanced keyword targeting – Focus on luxury cars
  • Leveraged connections between Range Rover and luxury retail brands (audiences who 'liked' luxury retail brands such as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Armani, were very receptive to "liking" Range Rover)
  • Rolled out 15,000+ unique ad combinations
Campaign Results:
Cost-per-fan Cost Per Fan $1.35
Savings from Original Insertion Order Savings 33%
Extra Fans Gained from AdParlor Savings Extra Fans 24,000
Impressions Impressions 100,000,000
Clicks Clicks 70,000
Fans Fans 84,000