Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange

Cookie tracking technology allows our advertisers to leverage website visits and re-target ads to those users on Facebook

For example, someone who visits MGM Resorts International website, but doesn’t end up booking, could see ads encouraging them to make a booking the next time they’re on Facebook.

For brands and agencies, the result is a powerful tool for driving direct response goals on Facebook.

Custom Audience Targeting

Custom Audience Targeting

Create custom audiences defined by what you already know. Leverage your existing audiences with:

Email E-Mail Database SmartPhone Phone Numbers UserID Facebook User ID

Custom audiences allow advertisers to target their Sponsored Story or Ad to a specific set of users with whom they have already established a relationship on/off Facebook. This allows businesses to reconnect with existing customers or contacts. Your lists will be privacy-protected by being one-way hashed before being sent to Facebook.

Proven Results

AdParlor’s client, a large forward-thinking travel company, was able to leverage its existing email database of guests who had previously stayed at one of their hotels. AdParlor optimized the ad spend to drive qualified users from the custom audience to a reservation page as cost effectively as possible.

The results were astounding - for every $1 spent on Facebook Advertising, this campaign generated $25 in room booking revenue!

Open Graph Sponsored Stories

Open Graph
Sponsored Stories

Amplify your open graph actions with sponsored stories

“Listen”, “Watch”, “Comment”, “Played”, “Purchase”, “Drive”, “Fly”, “Drink” etc.

If your application is publishing actions to the open graph, we can leverage this in two ways:

  • We can create open graph action sponsored stories. For example, users will see in their news feed an ad that says ‘Harrison Miller 'signed up' for Concertdeals.com IF Groupon published a story using the ‘Sign Up’ custom action to the open graph
  • We can create ads and target specifically your users who have taken an action that was published to the open graph.

Facebook Offers

Bring people to your business with an offer they can claim and share with their friends.

Businesses are able to create Facebook Offers that can subsequently be shared amongst users on Facebook. The success of these ads can be magnified as these offers have the potential to go viral as they are spread between friends of friends.

AdParlor has found that Facebook Offers are a massive success as a result of viral activity between users. Non-paid lift is substantial as friend-to-friend sharing drives 75% of attractive offer redemptions.

Facebook Offers
Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Leverage Mobile Platforms

Advertisers are now able to focus on Facebook’s mobile platform with the ability to run sponsored stories and Mobile App Installs Ads.


  • Option to target sponsored stories exclusively to the mobile news feed
  • Mobile App Installs Ads: Promote mobile applications which can send users directly to the iPhone or Android App store
  • AdParlor can offer mobile advertising on a Cost-Per-Mobile-Install basis as long as the advertiser has integrated with the latest Facebook SDK or an approved mobile measurement partner.

How effective is Mobile Advertising?

AdParlor Special Report: The State of Facebook Mobile Advertising Results taken from report:
AdParlor Special Report: The State of Facebook Mobile Advertising
+ 15% higher click through rates + 30% cheaper clicks
+ 63% increase in likes + 22% increase in comments
+ 6-8x more fan engagement