Twitter Q1/Q2 Data Trends

By July 28, 2014 Analysis, Twitter No Comments

AdParlor is an official Twitter Marketing Platform partner. Through our new platform, we have managed social media ad spend for some of the largest advertisers on the planet. We decided to dig into the data from Twitter campaigns we have run over the past two quarters in search of some trends. We excluded the outliers and used an aggregated data set that is comprised of over $2 Million dollars in ad spend across 30 unique advertisers.

Disclaimer: AdParlor data trends are not representative of Twitter data trends.


CPC (Cost per Click) rates have been trending upwards. The average CPC rate in Q1 2014 was $0.11 while the average CPC rate in Q2 2014 was $0.25


CPE (Cost per Engagement) followed the same upward trend as CPC rates – given that over 95% of engagement is comprised of clicks


CPF (Cost per Follower) rates have held relatively consistent for the past three months. In June 2014 – we saw an average CPF of $1.66