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Optimize Your Social Initiatives on One Platform

As an Ads API Partner, AdParlor has the technology, teams and the tools to deliver social media solutions designed to optimize all of your social initiatives on one platform.

  • Allow advertisers to more efficiently scale their campaigns on Twitter through innovative workflows
  • Help advertisers improve ROI through creative, bid and targeting optimization.
  • Manage and optimize campaigns across different digital channels, including Twitter

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Twitter Ad Formats

Choose from a variety of ad formats to help bolster your brands follower base and amplify the reach of your message to new audiences.

Promoted Tweets:

  • Reach users at the right moment and in the right context
  • Amplify your message to both existing and potential followers

Promoted Accounts:

  • Build a strong base of engaged followers
  • Expand the reach of your your online presence

Fast Facts

  • Twitter has more than 230+ million monthly active users
  • 500+ million Tweets per day
  • More than 60% of users are active on mobile
  • 40% of our active users simply consume content
  • Twitter supports more than 35 different languages
  • 70% of accounts are outside the U.S
  • Twitter has thousands of advertisers