The AdParlor Creative Audit

AdParlor Blog Post: The AdParlor Creative Audit

Increase your ROAS potential by understanding both how well your creative performs and why it performs.

Understanding why creative works – or fails – is a constant struggle for brands attempting to deliver custom advertisements to consumers. Does a red background with parents featured in a video drive more conversions? Or would a green background with millennials in a static image have been a better choice? With the completion of a campaign, one can take an educated guess (emphasis on guess) as to what performed better and why. But, what if you didn’t have to guess at all?

The AdParlor Creative Audit Process

AdParlor’s Creative Audit allows you to bypass the guess. Utilizing our Intelligence Tag technology, our team can identify, categorize and analyze unlimited creative variables that would otherwise go unseen for your brand. Whether it be the discount codes from your biggest sales or the behavioral aspects like tone of creative, our Client Strategy team can garner actionable insights and identify areas of opportunity. The AdParlor Creative Audit, which can be executed retroactively or in real-time, provides you with the data to inform your decisions for future campaigns on social.

How does this work? See our three easy steps for how we conduct our Creative Audits

AdParlor Audit Services - Step: One Step One:

Everything begins with a thorough examination of the client’s past performance, goals, and objectives. Together, your team and ours decide on what KPIs are most important, which campaign objectives to focus on, and which learnings are being sought out.

AdParlor Audit Services - Step: Two Step Two:

The AdParlor team takes a deep dive into the campaign(s) and creative– our team identifies overarching variables that could have an influence on performance. A detailed glossary is created identifying which components are to be tested as well as our team’s objective with each Tag. As an example, our team can test:

  • Discount Type: Do discounts stated in dollars perform better than those stated as percentages?
  • Discount or No Discount: Does featuring discounts drive better performance than not driving discounts in creatives?
  • Product: Does promoting items in one category of your inventory perform better than another?
  • Text & Copy: Does featuring less text in ads drive higher ROAS than more text in ads?

AdParlor Audit Services - Step: Three Step Three:

Tags are placed, data is collected, and the analysis begins! AdParlor conducts an exhaustive probe into the harvested data to extract actionable insights. These learnings are then presented to you as a guide so future creative can be customized to achieve your various goals.

The AdParlor Creative Audit Strategy


AdParlor’s Creative Audits shed light on questions that advertisers across all industries have in a way that’s never been achievable before. Using the data-driven learnings, AdParlor’s Client Strategy team is able to not only deliver guidelines for future ad creation but to facilitate the execution in real time.

Next Steps

Have more you want to discuss? Reach out to us here and we’ll reply with even more ideas on how to apply this strategy for your paid media campaigns.

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