The AdParlor Performance Audit

AdParlor Blog Post: The AdParlor Social Performance Audit

Our process to make your social campaigns better

Setting up the optimal social advertising program is no small feat. Between frequent updates to the buying ecosystem, millions of data points to consider, and no definitive “best practices”, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed.  AdParlor has become social experts through years of testing, analyzing data and being connected to publishers to learn the tricks of the trade. The AdParlor Performance Audit is our way of sharing this knowledge. Our ultimate goal is to improve performance and scale by finding new areas of success. In order to deliver in-depth and actionable learning, AdParlor’s Client Strategy team performs these audits on existing and new clients. Campaigns, audiences, pixel placements, creative/copy, business rules and strategies/tactics are examined in great detail to uncover pockets of inefficiency that can be improved and opportunities where things can be scaled.

Step One

The process begins with a working session between the advertiser and the AdParlor Client Strategy team to ensure the client’s desired outcome and goals are reached. AdParlor’s goal is to deliver results that are actionable and will lead to improved performance, ROI and ROAS for our advertisers.

Step Two

AdParlor begins by assessing new and old campaigns in an advertiser’s ad account to get an understanding of the structure, tactics and methodologies that have been used to drive performance.

Step Three

A comprehensive set of recommendations are then compiled into a strategic go-forward plan that is presented to the advertiser. These recommendations are then actioned by the AdParlor account team on a day-to-day basis with the Client Strategy team overseeing the performance results.


AdParlor’s Performance Audits have helped our customers improve ROI since we introduced them to the marketplace. Whether it be by driving conversions, leads or higher ROAS, we’re ready to outline the steps necessary to improve your social media campaigns. Our team will also offer targeting, creative and planning suggestions for your program too.

Interested in learning how you can reach customers in a more relevant, robust and profitable way? Book an AdParlor Performance audit today and get ahead of the curve!

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