AdParlor Now Supports Simplified Chinese and Day Parting

AdParlor has updated its platform to include two major features: the ability to day part (i.e., schedule) ads on Facebook, and the ability to use the platform in Simplified Chinese.

Day Parting / Ad Scheduling on Facebook

Many Facebook Marketing Partners relied on their software to pause and activate ads based on the time of day (called day parting, or ad scheduling). The problem with this system, is that Facebook is unaware that you plan on pausing your ads, and therefore does not take this pause into consideration when it is trying to run your ads and spend your budgets.

For example, if I have an Ad Set running for a week with a lifetime budget of $1000, and I use AdParlor’s Rules Engine to pause my ads on the weekend because I know most of my customers shop during the week, Facebook will by trying to pace/show my ads over 168 hours (7days * 24 hours), when really my ads will only be servable for 120 hours during the week (168 total hours – 48 weekend hours).

This means that my ads could under deliver by ~29%! Facebook does try and take extra budget into account during its daily pacing recalculation, but nevertheless, unplanned pausing will lead to subpar and volatile delivery, which makes analyzing and optimizing campaign performance more difficult.

To address this problem, Facebook and AdParlor have given advertisers more control, and introduced Day Parting for Facebook Ad Sets.

Edit Schedules in-line:

day parting-12004

Expand your View

day parting-12003

Now, when you create Ad Sets on the AdParlor platform, you can set a schedule for your Ad Sets (and ads within your Ad Sets) to turn on and off, which also tells Facebook when you plan on having them paused, so that these status changes do not affect delivery, and you can spend your full budgets.

To make things even easier, Facebook will show your ads to users during the times you’ve selected in the user’s time zone, not your account time zone. This makes managing a PST Facebook account from your London office even easier – and some may argue, the best part.

Support for Simplified Chinese is now Available


As Facebook and Twitter’s presence grows into Asia, as does social marketing activity. According to 2014 Annual Reports, Facebook now has 449 Million Monthly Active Users in Asia, while Twitter has 225 International Monthly Active Users (Twitter does not explicitly disclose figures for Asia).

AdParlor and Adknowledge have ventured into a unique strategic alliance with one of Asia’s largest telecommunications companies, Axiata, to provide businesses in Asia with the world class software and service needed to execute their digital marketing strategies. While Adknowledge Asia already offers localized, multilingual service and support, now our social product does too.

AdParlor has introduced Chinese Simplified as an available language on the platform.

Now that the platform has been updated to accept translations for other languages, AdParlor will be adding more languages to better serve our international customers, worldwide.

Is there a language you would like to see supported on AdParlor? Contact us today!

Revamped Navigation

We’ve updated our left navigation to support a compressed view so users can fit more content on their screens. This feature is perfect for analyzing large amounts of data, or for users working on a smaller screen.


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