Improve Sales Revenue with Shoppable Ad Placements

Every year when the season changes to Spring, most people begin an annual rite of passage: we pack away our winter clothes, dust off the patio furniture, Marie Kondo our homes and prepare ourselves for the new season. Spring symbolizes a new start and as a result, the shopper in us emerges and the predictable Spring shopping habits take flight.

As an online brand, Spring is your home opener and the social landscape is your playing field. Strengthening your starting line with an interactive and seamless shopping experience is vital to digital retail success. This season, social platforms are bringing out their heavy hitters, with Shoppable Ads now available on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat.

Here’s how you can hit your Spring campaign out of the park:

Checkout on Instagram

Instagram is known as an immersive storefront for people to explore your best products. With features like image product tags or a product sticker in your story, users are carefully guided to complete their purchase.

Example of Instagram Checkout Shoppable Ads Placement
Instagram example of Checkout

With Checkout on Instagram the user experience is even easier: your customer can now make a purchase without leaving the app. When they see a product from a brand’s shopping post, a “Checkout on Instagram” button appears. By tapping this button, the user will be able to complete their purchase without ever leaving Instagram.

But wait, it gets better. After a purchase is complete the user will receive notifications about shipment right insight of Instagram.

Shopping on Pinterest

As a discovery platform, Pinterest is already a destination for style inspiration. It’s easy for brands and consumers to shop within the app. So easy, that in a recent study, 90% of Pinners say they are making purchase decisions within the platform, and 70% use the platform to find new products.

Pinterest examples of new Shoppable Ads: Shop a Brand and Personalized Shopping Recommendations
Pinterest examples of Shop a Brand and Personalized Shopping Recommendations

With a shopping mindset, Pinterest added a few new features to make it easier for Pinners to purchase new products. User’s can ‘shop a brand’ like Levi’s (above) and dive into a brand’s Catalog by clicking “More from ____”.

The Catalog, similar to Facebook’s product catalog, allows retailers to upload inventory and curate a personalized ad for each customer. Users are served customized ads, based on what they save, or click a Pin to go straight to the checkout on the retailer’s site.

Shoppable YouTube Videos

We know video boosts awareness, but does it provoke direct response? According to Think With Google, 68% of YouTuber’s watch YouTube to help make purchase decisions. By 2020 it is predicted video traffic will represent 82% of all IP traffic.

Example of YouTube's Shoppable Ads experience
YouTube example of shoppable experience

Video’s unique abilities to tug on a user’s heartstrings through visual, sound and movement offer a level of connection that isn’t available on other channels. In order to remain relevant and competitive, simply adding video to a social marketing campaign is no longer enough.

Similar to Instagram and Pinterest’s product catalog, TrueView uses your existing Merchant Center product data to generate shopping cards. TrueView for shopping campaigns take video ads one step further. Connecting viewers directly to your products with information that brings customers closer to making a decision.

We have a feeling Google won’t stop here. Shoppable Ads on Google Images have also been released, offering one more way to help you connect to your consumers!

Shoppable Snap Ads

For small businesses looking to reach Snapchat’s user base of 180+ million monthly users, Shoppable Snap Ads may not only be worth testing but are said to have pioneered the shift in the social platform shoppable trend.

Example of Snapchat's Shoppable Snap Ads
Shoppable Snap Ads

Announced late last year following a collab with Amazon, Snapchat also offers Product Catalogues and Advanced Pixel Targeting. And so far the results look promising –, an online retailer, said their Shoppable Snap Ads delivered engagement rates up to 17 times higher than regular Snap Ads.

Thank you for Shopping

With Shoppable Ads blossoming as the next big digital retail opportunity, new platforms and ad units may be the fresh start you need this Spring.

There are many options available, and sure to be many more. Align your Shoppable Ads strategy with your overall business objectives. Identify and understand your audience and their habits to understand the right platforms. Then watch the ROAS rain.

To learn more about how you can use Shoppable Ads and improve your digital sales revenue chat with one of our experts!

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