Our Updated Ad Mockup Generator Now Includes Pinterest Ads

AdParlor Blog Post: Our Updated Ad Mockup Generator Now Includes Pinterest Ads

I really hate to brag, but our Ad Mockup Generator is a pretty big deal. How big? Well, more than 45,000 people have used it this year alone. That’s not just big; that’s massive!

Since our last update, we’ve been listening to user feedback and coming up with ways to make it even better.

So, today I want to present to you our latest release which includes 20+ amazing new features along with the first and only ad mockup tools for Pinterest.

What’s new? Here are a few highlights:

Pinterest ads: Pinterest ad previews can be viewed in-feed and as full-screen placements.

  • Create Promoted Pins: Preview your ad with the most popular Pinterest ad format
  • Rich Pins: Choose from Movie, Article, Place, Product & Recipe Pins, name it and it’s there, your full-suite experience.

Rich Pin Codes: In addition to creating standard ad mockups, generate Rich Pin codes right from our tool and place on the advertiser’s website to keep content on the Rich Pins mirroring your web page, updated and relevant.

Pinterest Rich Pin Code Snippet
Rich Pin Code Snippet

Big Picture Preview: See all of your ad-mockup placements at a single glance.

Pinterest Ads: The Big Picture Preview
The Big Picture Preview

Smart Image Scaling: Mockups will scale based on the size of images uploaded.

Enhanced Image Accuracy: The devil’s always in the details. We have upgraded our algorithms to generate a more accurate image and ad for your viewing pleasure.

Wait, there’s more

Facebook post previews can now be enhanced with customized likes, comments, and emoji reactions to give you an uber- realistic mockup (you can go ahead and knock yourself out with a gazillion likes on your self-portrait, you know you want to).

As far as user experience goes, minuscule glitches have been smoothed out, and things like overset text issues and non-functioning cards are no longer a problem.

Mockup Level – Guru

In all, you will discover our upgraded Ad Mockup Generator to be a joy to play around with, providing a top-notch experience for obtaining an accurate preview of your ad creatives.

Have additional suggestions? Send us a tweet!

For a full list of all the changes please see the release notes here: Release Notes – August 2016

Visit the Ad Mockup Generator today!

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