How Our Platform Partners Are Responding to COVID-19

Platform partners response to COVID-19

As we continue to practice social distancing, brands and marketers are searching for new ways to stay relevant and up-to-date with their audience. To provide insight into the current social landscape and help spark some ideas, we’re including a few initiatives and company announcements taken by our platform partners in the wake of COVID-19.

Here’s what Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google and Pinterest have released in the past week to help better inform and assist their users.


‘Stay Home’ sticker

Have a WFH photo to share? You can now post it on Instagram Stories with a ‘Stay Home’ sticker. To encourage people to stay indoors, Instagram launched its most recent cause-related sticker as part of the company’s efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.

As explained by Instagram,

“If you use the sticker, your photo or video will be added to a shared Instagram story where people can see how you’re staying home and staying safe.”

Platform partners response to COVID-19
Example of ‘Stay Home’ sticker on instagram

Now, anyone you follow who shares the sticker will be added to a curated ‘Stay Home’ group story on your stories feed.

With 25% of US and UK consumers checking social media more frequently, take this time to reposition your strategy to better resonate with your ‘indoor’ audiences.

The platform also recently provided tips on staying connected with your audience, which included Instagram Live, along with a helpful guide to live video ideas.

Platform partners response to COVID-19
Instagram’s guide to live video ideas
Platform partners response to COVID-19
Instagram’s guide to live video ideas


Facebook expands ban on ads

To help protect users and limit the spread of misinformation, Facebook has now banned ads with hand sanitizers, surface disinfecting wipes and COVID-19 test kits to “help protect against inflated prices and predatory behaviour” on the platform. This comes after the company announced a ban on ads profiting off COVID-19 concerns late February.

Platform partners response to COVID-19
Example of a banned ad on Facebook

Similar to Instagram, you can leverage resources such as Facebook live to engage your followers, as well as Facebook Shop to list your products and easily organize a catalog of items.

These tools are interactive in their nature and will encourage greater communication and generate interest as a result.

You can also consider using Dynamic Ads as a solution to promote your inventory to those who expressed interest on your website. This way, you can address your customer’s needs and provide the most relevant products from your online catalog.


Positive brand communications

Between No Name’s 20-minute hand wash countdown and Chipotle’s Zoom invite, brands are coming up with creative ways to keep their audiences entertained, and sometimes educated, during a difficult time. Twitter compiled a list showcasing examples of brands communicating in positive and responsible ways in the wake of COVID-19.

While it’s critical to keep your audience updated with announcements and press releases, consider what’s helpful to them as they venture through these times. Ask yourself: What do people need right now and how can we bring them a sense of community? Whether it’s a beneficial message, charitable donations, supporting relief efforts or providing access to relevant resources, create meaningful action and engage your audience using value-driven content.


‘Here for You’ mental health resource

Snapchat’s latest response to COVID-19 comes in the form of ‘Here For You’ mental health resource. Originally planned for an April release, Snapchat launched the tool ahead of time to assist users experiencing anxiety and stress amid the ongoing outbreak.

As stated by Snapchat, “As part of the rollout, we’re also building a customized search section within Here For You related specifically to coronavirus, which will showcase relevant updates from the World Health Organization, the CDC, Crisis Text Line, NHS and other partners who are creating content on anxiety specifically related to coronavirus.”

This tool can be especially helpful among younger audiences, Snapchat’s primary user market, as they navigate these uncertain times.

Platform partners response to COVID-19
Snapchat’s ‘Here for You’ mental health tool

Due to the recent shifts in consumer behaviour, retailers on Snapchat can maintain an active presence on the platform by giving consumers new access points. Re-engage previous visitors to your store through foot traffic audiences and explore Snapchat Lifestyle Categories to prospect previously high-intent shoppers.


COVID-19 education website

Go big or go home – Google partnered with the U.S government to create a COVID-19 information website, which includes “COVID-19 education, prevention, and local resources nationwide” in an effort to help people find useful information.  

Google also aims to update users about business closures in the face of COVID-19 shutdowns, using Google Maps and Google Search. Soon, businesses will also be able to use Google My Business to mark themselves as “temporarily closed.” The platform is also using AI technology, Duplex, to contact businesses and confirm their updated business hours to ensure accurate information on Maps and Search and update customers accordingly.

You can modify your advertising on Google by editing your ad to inform customers of your opening hours and helpful services like expedited shipping.


Increase in searches – Home ideas and staying organized

From home ideas to staying organized, Pinterest is seeing a surge in searches for keywords such as ‘home office’ and ‘workout space’ to ‘food storage’ and ‘pantry stocking ideas,’ highlighting the trend that many people are taking this time to look for new ways to organize their living space and stay in shape.

Platform partners response to COVID-19
New Pinterest search stats in the wake of COVID-19
Platform partners response to COVID-19
New Pinterest search stats in the wake of COVID-19

Capitalize on an at-home audience by utilizing broad-based targeting to reach consumers you may typically not reach, as well as your core demographic. At the same time, be present for existing consumers by utilizing Actalike audiences to re-engage users who previously engaged with your Pins to stay top of mind.

If you are looking to improve your social media results or have questions regarding the latest from our platform partners, we’d love to chat!

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