This NFL Season, Social Media Advertising Goes Real-Time

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AdParlor News Post: This NFL Season, Social Media Advertising Goes Real-Time

NEW YORK, NY—August 17, 2016— AdParlor, a company that helps brands connect with consumers through unique video and social advertising solutions, will work with advertisers this NFL season to run real-time social ads triggered by live football moments like interceptions, individual player performances, and scores.

“What would previously take up to an hour to execute can now happen just moments after a big play,” said Anthony Tsigourakos, Vice President of North America Sales at AdParlor. “This approach will enable brands to deliver highly relevant messages to engaged audiences at the instant they’re most likely to take notice.”

With digital advertising channels becoming overcrowded with advertisers trying to get their message seen and remembered by consumers, standing out and being memorable is getting increasingly more challenging.

“We’ve been seeing tremendous interest in this technology from our clients,” said Ben Legg, CEO of AdParlor. “As the digital landscape evolves it gets harder for advertisers to cut through all the noise. Our Sports API solves this problem by enabling brands to be present and relevant as events unfold.”

The AdParlor Sports API for the NFL is part of a broader suite of real-time, trigger-based solutions that also includes automated social advertising based on weather, location, financial, and traffic events. AdParlor can also apply the Sports API’s capabilities to basketball, baseball, soccer, and other major sporting events worldwide.

To learn more about AdParlor’s Sports API and to see examples of how it works, visit:

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