Winter Chills and Thrills with AdParlor’s Weather API and Dayparting Tools

AdParlor Blog Post: Winter Chills and Thrills with AdParlor’s Weather API and Dayparting Tools

Winter is here, and you may be wondering how you can offer your customers the right product and message — rain or shine or snow?  

Whether it be to get them to storefronts or purchase goods to help them stay warm in these winter months? Or, how to make your messaging as relevant as possible for your consumers? If it’s snowing outside, can you tailor your creative to the weather conditions?

AdParlor’s automated weather and dayparting technology can help you ensure your messaging is always on point, whatever the weather.

Why Use AdParlor’s Dayparting & Weather API Technologies for Winter Campaigns?

With AdParlor’s integrated Weather API and Dayparting technologies, it’s easier than ever to launch social media campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram that are custom-tailored to time of day, day of week, and the current weather conditions. Instead of checking the forecast around the clock or staying up to activate creative based on time of day, our automation system will do the work for you, using real-time data (available for geo-locations and DMAs worldwide, 24/7).

Think maximal creative relevancy, with minimal effort.

Ideas for Winter

Not sure where to start? Here are some cool ways we’ve used the automation engine to execute on various social media platforms in the past.


Clothing retailers should take advantage of AdParlor’s weather API feature by tailoring their message based on the type of clothing that sells at various temperatures. For example, freezing conditions in Chicago are very different from freezing conditions in Texas, and you can show different creative accordingly:

Facebook Ad Carousel - Retailers


Featuring a special holiday collection for your diners? Highlight different times of the day to sell your newest treats. This could feature: brunch-time treats paired with breakfast meals, dinner-time treats paired with holiday meals, and desserts paired with delicious delicacies. Yum!

Facebook Ad Carousel - Restaurant


eCommerce companies should take advantage of AdParlor’s dayparting feature by speaking to a variety of sales at different times of the day and night. Midnight sale for the night owls? Exclusive flash sale for members of your loyalty program? AdParlor has the solution for you:

Facebook Ad Carousel - Ecommerce

Next Level Analysis

Once you’ve applied this strategy, take your analysis to the next level with Actionable Reporting. Here, you can determine what performed best from a variety of factors. This can include:

  • Targeting: Segment, geo-location, placement, platform, device, interest group, custom or lookalike audience, age group and more
  • Creative: Ad image, copy, call-to-action, description, post type, post URL and more
  • Time: Hour, date and time of day

Measure and analyze the performance of each segment using a variety of customizable metrics (e.g., ROAS, ROI Index, Average Revenue Per User, CVR, etc.). Ran a video campaign? See how it performed based on video views, completion, VCR and more. Ran a website click campaign with net-new sales in mind? See how it performed based on total sales, total sales revenue, website traffic generated and more. You can see how Molson Coors did this with us here.

Extra for Experts:

  • Use A/B creative and targeting segmentation testing and analysis to determine which creative works best against different time slots and weather targeting segments. You can incorporate learnings from your data and apply it into your current campaigns in real time.
  • You can also use our performance API tool against the weather API, your current creative and your current targeting segments for maximized efficiency. The performance API tool will allow you to shift bids and budget based on objectives and KPIs being met in real time. Notice the 32+ degree Fahrenheit segment is outperforming the others? Automatically shift more budget towards it, without even lifting a finger.

Next Steps

Have more ideas that you want to discuss? Leave a comment and we’ll reply with more ideas and how to apply this strategy for your next campaign!

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