Case Study // American Century Investments

American Century finds 10x the leads with AdParlor versus competition.

The challenge

Generate Leads efficiently

American Century Investments decided it was time to evaluate the performance of its Facebook advertising. So the company invited several Facebook Marketing Partners to participate in a bakeoff to see who could drive the most leads using a combination of Facebook and Instagram.

AdParlor was one of the contenders, and it set its sights on a lofty mission: proving that with the right approach it is possible for the financial services industry to efficiently generate leads using social media advertising.

The approach

Targeted audiences & customized creative

AdParlor crafted audiences and also targeted Lookalike Audiences based on the company’s website visitors and anonymized CRM data.

These audiences were then targeted with a combination of Link, Lead Gen, and Carousel ad units on Facebook and Instagram.

American Century Facebook Ad

The results

More Unique leads at a lower cost

Halfway through the bakeoff, AdParlor was
already the clear winner, generating more than ten times the number of leads than its competitor.

A bar chart illustrating that AdParlor delivered 10x the number of leads for 10x less the cost of their competitor

At American Century Investments we pride ourselves on being as smart with the company’s money as we are with our clients’ money. When it comes to our social advertising AdParlor is clearly the smart choice.

Senior VP of Retirement and Client Marketing

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