Case Study // UpGuys

Custom content strategy increases conversions by 145%.

The goal

Increase Awareness & conversions

Like many emerging DTC brands, UpGuys sought a Facebook Marketing Partner to help establish a winning strategy that will help increase brand awareness, educate consumers on their offering and nurture those consumers to complete a lead form for an online consultation.

The approach

Educate consumers with custom content


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AdParlor created educational and compelling articles hosted on SomeGoodBuys, our owned and operated website for purpose driven brands.

Using performance-creative best practices, AdParlor’s design team built ads to drive consumers to the site to engage with the content. For efficiency, we used Yahoo/Verizon as a social extension to drive users to SomeGoodBuys, then deployed retargeting ads across Meta for conversion campaigns

The results

Increased conversions & traffic

Since UpGuys had never invested in media before partnering with AdParlor, the solution’s impact was very evident.

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