Case Study // Retail Group Client

Customized in-housing plan sets client up for long term success.

The goal

In-housing a high-volume client & alleviating pain points

When a company-wide initiative called for a prominent retail group client to move all digital media buying in-house, they turned to their trusted partners at AdParlor to help make this happen.

AdParlor was not only tasked with developing and executing an efficient transition plan but also providing solutions to the post-transition challenges identified by the client to ensure their long-term success.

The approach

Custom support plan & training

Phase 1

AdParlor worked closely with the client to quickly establish a timeline for a transition plan that would work seamlessly with their business needs. There was a large emphasis placed on training and up-skilling the clientʼs staff to expertly handle essential media functions.

Within a single quarter, AdParlor was able to successfully train and transition all media strategy, planning and execution to the clientʼs team.

Media Functions

Reporting Completion

Hi-level Campaign Optimization

Platform Builds

Bid & Budget Strategies

Phase 2

After three months of managing the business in-house, the client had pinpointed areas where they required additional support and once again tapped into the experts at AdParlor for guidance.

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Scaling Campaigns

Difficulty with scaling a high volume of campaigns going live on a daily basis

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F.A.S.T Platform

The tech experts at AdParlor custom built the Flexible Ad Scaling Tool to specifically address the clientʼs campaign challenges and desired outcomes

Media Buying Outsourcing

The AdParlor Ops team would provide overflow management of campaigns based on volume, workload or complexity during peak periods for the client

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Skill Maintenance

Staying on top of the best practices and new features of each social platform

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Ad Hoc Training

Ongoing product and platform training
as well as creative workshops to keep the clientʼs teams up to date with all best practices and new features

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Strategic Optimization

Maintaining efficiencies and staying innovative is challenging. Thoughtful testing and data analysis while essential, are very time consuming

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Media Strategy and Consultation

Custom consultation program for the client to receive campaign strategy syncs and testing frameworks for new executions as needed as well as the licensing of AdParlor proprietary campaign tools such as Creative Blueprints & Intelligence Tags to maintain creative efficiencies and performance analytics

The results

In-Housing without sacrificing Results

The client successfully in-housed their media buying responsibilities without sacrificing the quality and results they benefited from as a fully-managed media client due to the the innovative solutions and customized ongoing support package provided by AdParlor.

Increased Efficiency

Using the F.A.S.T Platform reduced the client’s  campaign build time by roughly 50%.  Their team can now build around 150 campaigns in 25 hours instead of 50 hours.

Campaign Innovation & Strategy

AdParlor still helped the client reach new milestones

  • Launched the first AR filter for the client’s brand holiday campaign with an LCTR of 4.05% and a 0.26% Share Rate
  • Expanded HSN brand campaign to serve dynamic ads on Instagram resulting in Instagram becoming one of their top ROAS performers

Quarterly Planning Support

Nearly 50% of the the client’s internal Q4 social strategy came straight from AdParlor’s holiday workshop proposal

Full Funnel Campaigns

AdParlor’s proprietary data convinced the client to run a full funnel flight for their 4 top brands which generated over $11K in purchases, an average ROAS of $2.73 and 745 new customers

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