Case Study // Today's Shopping Choice

Discovering secrets to Instagram Story ads that convert.

The goal

Captivate new demographics

When The Shopping Channel rebranded as Today’s Shopping Choice and launched their updated website, the company looked to attract a new demographic of customers— women under the age of forty-five. With Instagram’s younger demographics and engaging new ad format for Stories, the company saw Instagram as the perfect medium to achieve its objective.

The approach

Analyzing creative insights


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Today’s Shopping Choice developed a highly experiential campaign with a variety of fresh, spring-themed creative to introduce itself to its new target audience.

To understand how to create high-performing creative for Instagram’s new Stories ad unit, Today’s Shopping Choice used AdParlor and its Intelligence Tags technology to analyze seven dimensions across sixteen ad creatives.

The Intelligence Tags technology enabled the company to tag individual elements of its ad creative and then analyze those elements across all of its campaigns to uncover what drove the best results.

Using Intelligence Tags, Today’s Shopping Choice was able to dissect the nuances of its creative, including:

  1. Color scheme
  2. Creative type— image or video
  3. Image focus— model or product
  4. Presence of logo

To ensure that Today’s Shopping Choice was attracting only new customers, AdParlor excluded existing customers from campaign targeting.

Products Used
  • Ads
  • Instagram Stories
  • Interest Targeting
  • Website Conversions
  • Testing Creative

The results

Discovering what Works

Each ad set started broad and was continually optimized toward the most responsive age groups and effective creative. Analyzing the Intelligence Tags data revealed that:

0 %
Lower cost-per-sale when creative featured a CTA
0 %
Lower cost-per-sale for blue colour schemes
0 %
Lower cost-per-sale in the fashion product category compared to other categories

Adding a call-to-action to creative increased performance significantly

Creative that included a call-to-action had a 65% lower cost-per-sale than creative that simply used the native Instagram call-to-action.

Creative with text overlaid on top beat creative without any text

Overlaying text on top of the creative drove a 47% lower cost-per-sale than images not containing any text.

Blue color schemes outperformed white and pink color schemes

Creative with blue color schemes had a 63% lower cost-per-sale than creative with white color schemes, and 34% lower cost-per-sale than creative with pink color schemes.

Fashion drove more sales than beauty or home product categories

The fashion category drove a 35% lower cost-per-sale than the beauty category, a 20% lower cost-per-sale than the home category, and a 55% lower cost-per-sale than a mix of all three categories.

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