Case Study // Online retailer

AdParlor and LeadSift Partner to Exceed Twitter Conversion Goals

The goal

Drive more conversions

A popular e-commerce company was running a direct response campaign on Twitter and wanted to drive more conversions at a lower acquisition cost. One of the challenges with advertising on Twitter is the lack of ability to target by user demographics and psychographics because that data isn’t explicitly captured by Twitter.

The existing targeting methods (by interests and @handles) were too broad for this particular advertiser, resulting in poor ad performance for this particular campaign. While campaigns were successful in terms of reach, conversions were falling short. The key challenge was that the message was not being delivered to the right audience group at the last moment.

The approach

Media optimization & Audience targeting


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AdParlor, through its real-time media optimization technology, partnered with LeadSift, with its proprietary audience targeting capabilities, to identify, understand, and reach prospective customers by mining user intent and implementing advanced targeting options like employment status, age range, and online shopping personas.

AdParlor and LeadSift created several audience segments of consumers who had the highest probability of buying the product. The Campaign and optimization technologies made the best use of the client’s media spend by driving higher conversions at a cheaper acquisition cost.

What's LeadSift?

LeadSift is a platform to help advertisers Identify, Understand and Reach consumers from Social Media. Using advanced semantic analysis, we sift through social data to identify and predict consumers who are interested in buying products or services within a particular industry or category. The LeadSift Platform ensures digital marketers are targeting the right customers with the right message to ensure they have the greatest impact.

The results

Higher conversions at a lower cost

Using Twitter Tailored Audience to deliver Ads powered by LeadSift’s targeting and AdParlor’s powerful Ad solution, the e-commerce retailer was able to reduce its cost per acquisition (CPA) by 47% while increasing conversion rates by more than 380%.

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