Driving sales and conversions with Facebook brings the sweet smell of success.

The goal

Exceed sales targets

The Beauty Retailer’s Summer Sales Program is one of the most important and largest sales events for the company. With aggressive sales targets, the company looked to AdParlor & Facebook to help exceed its goals.

The approach

Finding the best creative formula


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To maximize the effectiveness of its advertising, the client tasked its Facebook Marketing Partner, AdParlor, with running a variety of tests on creative assets by leveraging AdParlor’s Intelligence Tags technology.

The Intelligence Tags technology enables advertisers to tag individual elements of its ad creative and copy and then analyze those elements across all campaigns to uncover what drives the best results.

AdParlor determined what produced the highest return on advertising spend by focusing the analysis on: 

  • Text in image vs. no text
  • Short copy vs. medium and long copy
  • Copy with a sense of urgency vs. no urgency
  • Images of just products vs. images with design treatment and with text (cobble images)

The results

Exceptionally effective creative learnings

The learnings from the Intelligence Tags data revealed:

  • 42% higher ROAS when ad copy had fewer than 77 characters
  • 34% higher ROAS for cobble images with text, compared to product only images
  • 28% higher ROAS when copy had a sense of urgency
  • 19% higher ROAS when images contained text

Based on these insights, the Beauty Retailer changed its creative strategy and shifted more spend to ads featuring cobble images with text and they reaped the rewards:

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$ 0
Return on advertising spend

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