Case Study // Sporting Apparel Client​

Dynamic Product Ads Result in Increased Revenue & ROAS

The goal

Improve performance

A major sporting apparel retailer approached AdParlor to improve performance and scale of their Dynamic Product Ads amongst a roster of supporting agencies

The approach

Divide and conquer audiences


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Upon AdParlor’s engagement, our number one priority was client success. We knew that in order to ensure campaign efficiencies and scale we needed to communicate with each contributing agency to mitigate any overlapping target segments, and audience competition.

To ensure this AdParlor worked extensively with other agency partners in sharing performance data, best practices and leveraging audience data where relevant.

The initial plan carved out audience lanes, AdParlor focused on broad prospecting, retargeting and lookalike audiences of top purchasers.While other agencies focused on hyper targeted audiences with multiple segments.

Due to the nature of these audiences it was crucial that our communication with each agency was consistent and our targeting and overall approach was defined.

The results

Increased revenue & ROAS

As a result of maintaining transparency and cross collaboration with supporting agency partners, AdParlor became the sole partner running the client’s Dynamic Product Ads,resulting in increased revenue and ROAS.

Over the past 6 months our U.S. targeting has seen an increase in revenue by 24%, and ROAS by 17%.While Canadian specific targeting saw an increase of overall revenue by 14% and ROAS by 49%.


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