Case Study // Greyhound Lines Inc.​

Personalized creative increases Facebook ROAS by 35%

The goal

Drive sales and overhaul marketing

Teaming up with AdParlor & BSSP to help generate ticket sales. Greyhound Lines, Inc. wanted to transport their marketing efforts to the forefront of the convoy, by promoting their brand and services.

Creative Strategy

Discover what works

The team used Creative Blueprints to dynamically populate personalized creative by region, using different text and backgrounds depending on attraction, price, destination.

Creative Blueprints was then (with a click of a button) able to create different sizes and ratios for the ads to be used as Canvas, Carousel, and Link ad units.

Screenshots of Greyhound Inc. Ads in the Facebook platform

Media Strategy

Leverage customization

Leveraging Creative Blueprints to produce a variety of ad units across Facebook, and Instagram to net sales and engagement.

AdParlor created ads for the following:

  • Regional Destination Deal ads and fares by region to generate sales and conversions.
  • Always on ads to inspire travellers to get away on a Greyhound.
  • Regional Event & Attraction ads Personalizing local cultural experiences in key markets to generate engagement, awareness & sales.


  • Interest-based prospecting (college students, young professionals, travellers).
  • Lookalike prospecting (website visitors and purchasers).
  • Past purchasers and site retargeting.

The Results

The Road to success

Blueprints Canvas Generated ROAS 35% above benchmarks
Blueprints carousel ads generated ROAS more than 2x the benchmark
Static link creative performed best, with more than 7x the ROAS goal
Instagram stories creative beat the ROAS goal by 6X

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