Case Study // Office Retail company

Platform Diversification increases ROAS & purchase intent.

The goal

Increase Brand Awareness & in-store purchases

A modern office retail company looked to AdParlor to efficiently drive offline store purchases and increase their ROAS during an unconventional back-to-school season.

They also wanted to increase brand awareness and diversify their activities outside Facebook.

The approach

Source new audiences for in-store conversion


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Our team created a highly segmented targeting strategy that focused on two buckets – B2B and B2C audiences. Furthermore, the team also conducted innovative and extensive research on the customer personas we wanted to target, and within each bucket, the team identified areas for prospecting and retargeting.


To meet the client’s goals, the team ran a full-funnel targeting strategy with the upper funnel focusing on brand awareness, the mid-funnel tactics driving traffic, and lower funnel initiatives to drive traffic and offline conversions. For measurement, AdParlor used MWB Studies and LiveRamp to passbook offline data. These helped us measure the client’s primary KPI of offline ROAS and store visits.

The results

Higher ROAS & Increased Purchase Intent

The client achieved a 16% higher blended ROAS and drove significant purchase intent by diversifying onto Snapchat and Pinterest vs. staying on Facebook / Instagram.

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  • 95% stat sig increase in four out of five categories
  • The campaign also improved brand awareness; respondents 25-34 reported substantial growth
  • Facebook partners requested a public case study due to its phenomenal performance
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  • Increased stat sig in ad awareness, brand awareness, and purchase intent
  • In the ‘Placed Study,’ cost per store visit was $0.09, and the incremental lift was at $0.22, 86% lower compared to the retail norms of $0.41

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  • Age 35-49 saw a directional lift in Pin Awareness, while age 18-24 saw a substantial lift in Message Association
  • 2.7 PTS rise in message association

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