Case Study // Gaia

Scaling Social Advertising in Minutes Instead of Hours

The Challenge

Manage campaign volume & Scale quickly

Gaia’s in-house team of veteran media buyers and planners were experiencing the growing pains of success. The team had expanded its social advertising to the point where it was managing tens of thousands of ads at a time.

While some may argue that expanding social advertising to have hundreds of campaigns that house thousands of ads is a great problem to have, Gaia found that using the native platforms to manage and report on their immense number of campaigns and ads to be extremely time consuming and complicated. Gaia knew that they needed to find a better solution.

The approach

Finding the right solution

Gaia’s management knew that its team needed a better solution— something that could help its people decrease time spent on campaign logistics, achieve greater scale, and provide better, faster reporting.

After careful review of leading social media advertising platforms, Gaia selected AdParlor for its user experience and best-in-class capabilities, including:

  • Fast and flexible bulk management capabilities
  • Intuitive and highly customizable reporting
  • Automation Engine for automated, rules-based optimization

The results

Increased Sales & Decreased Admin work

Gaia’s in-house team immediately decreased the time it was spending managing its ads while also significantly increasing purchases of Gaia’s subscription services.

When AdParlor says they save users time, they’re not kidding. It used to take us two hours to create a campaign, now it takes just thirty minutes. We’ve cut bidding time by fifty-percent and reduced time by sixty-percent.

Senior Manager, Online Advertising at Gaia

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Increase in purchases after switching to AdParlor
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Reduction in time spent generating reports
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Savings in time spent adjusting campaign bids

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