SOCIAL MEDIA Partnerships

We've got friends in high places.

Over the last 12 years, we have cultivated strong social media marketing partnerships across major digital/social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Google, Verizon Media, Reddit and more.

Through our dedicated partnership managers, we are able to unlock benefits that deliver real value to our clients. With these relationships, we help our clients navigate the complex landscape of digital marketing with actionable strategies, access to advanced training programs and hands-on support for execution.

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The AdParlor Difference

  • Fast-tracked support
  • Access to exclusive alpha & beta products & solutions
  • Most up-to-date insights
  • Platform-led trainings & workshops
  • Platform credits for innovations
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Here’s a brief overview of how we harness the power of each platform to drive exceptional results.

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Facebook & Instagram

With over three billion users worldwide, Facebook & Instagram are crucial to your paid media strategy, especially since Facebook remains the most productive social platform for driving purchases. As one of their first strategic partners, we know all the ins and outs of how to tap into this massive audience to maximize results.  

Our Expertise

As a Meta Business Partner since 2009, we have deep resources and relationships across Facebook that we can tap into to support our clients. The ecosystem is constantly changing and, as an extension of your marketing team, we are the experts you need to ensure that you make the most of your ad spend to enjoy profitable growth.

To provide this level of expertise, each of our media buyers have completed Facebook’s BluePrint certification, ensuring best in class full-funnel strategy and execution to deliver performance results. 

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Drive results with immersive full screen ads. Snapchat offers creative ways to reach your target audience, especially the digital nativeGen Zers.

Our Expertise

AdParlor knows where and how to capture the attention of the high-spending-power Millennials and Gen Zers. Our tech enabled approach fuels creative insights which are critical to creating thumb stopping ads that deliver results.  Keeping a watchful eye on developments within this powerful platform, AdParlor capitalizes on the direct response advancements made on the platform to drive sales for our clients.

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Pinterest goes beyond inspiration. It’s where consumers go to buy. We have helped our clients increase brand recognition and engagement as well as increase product sales and we can help you too.

Our Expertise

AdParlor knows just how to drive sales with inspired shoppers. The self-described “visual discovery engine”, Pinterest is where shoppers go to both discover new brands and make buying decisions. From raising awareness to driving traffic to influencing purchases, our full funnel approach to Pinterest is customized for your brand to maximize outcomes.

To ensure this level of expertise, each of our media buyers have completed Facebook’s BluePrint certifications, ensuring best in class full-funnel strategy and execution to deliver performance results.

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Twitter is where conversations are sparked and movements spread like wildfire.  Join the conversation with your audience the right way! We know how to make the most of Twitter’s unique ad formats and options to help clients achieve their business goals.

Our Expertise

Twitter provides the perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on popular topics around the world and reach your users when they care the most. Effectively advertising on Twitter means taking advantage of chances to engage consumers in truly real-time moments and AdParlor is well-suited to help you meet your objectives on your next Twitter ad campaign.

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LinkedIn is fine-tuned for professionals and businesses. The platform is geared so the users’ mindset turns towards their professional industry and their own career, putting them in prime position to consider offers from B2B’s (and some B2C’s) looking to sell products and services.

Our Expertise

AdParlor is poised to help you reach the world’s professionals and generate high quality leads on the largest professional network in the world. Get your brand in front of a highly-educated, affluent audience with advanced targeting that ensures your message is hitting your ideal customers. With LinkedIn’s unique Ad types, brands can create more intimate communication about their products and/or services while targeting those users who are further down the conversion funnel.

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Currently the fastest growing platform, TikTok has a unique and diverse audience – while Gen Z remains the largest audience segment, the fastest user growth comes from consumers over age 35.

Our Expertise

With rapid growth in consumer adoption and TikTok building out their ad solutions, AdParlor knows TikTok is an under-saturated platform that is effective for brands telling their story.  While Gen Z remains the largest audience segment, the fastest growing user growth comes from consumers over age 35. As an early partner with TikTok, AdParlor leverages direct access to the TikTok team to build strategies that drive both scale and ROI for the brands we work with.

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Verizon is leading the way in providing a native experience for advertisers that consumers can easily digest without interruption. 4 of 5 consumers accept native ads as a form of content.

Our Expertise

AdParlor partners with Verizon as a social extension – where the content that delivers high-quality results on paid social can translate and connect on Verizon’s premium publishers through their native platform. This gives a seamless experience for the consumer in a way that connects and motivates them to convert on the intended actions.

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Whether searching for the perfect coat, or learning some DIY tips on YouTube, Google allows you to target the right customer in the right channels at the right time through search, discovery, display, video and YouTube. No media strategy is complete without Google, but brands often struggle to leverage it. This is where AdParlor comes in.

Our Expertise

AdParlor partners with clients to execute a complete, full-funnel strategy that works. Many people fail to realize that advertising on Google goes far beyond just search, we have an expertise in every Google Ad product, including Display, Discovery, and YouTube.

Unlike most agencies, we take a full-funnel audience approach, leveraging custom intent/affinity audiences, as well as in-market and detailed demographics.

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Reddit is a network of communities based on people’s interests. These interests may include beauty, gaming, sports, movies or TV, celebrities, crypto, business,  science, research and much more. With over 52 million daily active users worldwide, Reddit’s audience is highly engaged and offers a higher retention rate than other platforms. An often-overlooked platform, Reddit presents a golden opportunity for brands and marketers alike.

Our Expertise

Because Reddit users are passionate and outspoken about their interests, audience targeting is much easier for marketers. AdParlor uses a two-pronged approach to Reddit Advertising – Brand and Performance. Performance advertising on Reddit focuses on driving efficient ROI at scale while Brand engages key communities at scale. Whatever your business goals are, we can help you convert Reddit’s communities into engaged and paying customers.

Benefit from our expertise to get the results you want.