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The home of cinematic, breath-taking imagery from around the world, Instagram is the go-to platform for capturing and sharing life’s moments. By combining sound, sight, and motion, Instagram videos are a great way to share your story with your audience. With Instagram’s sophisticated precision targeting, you can inspire and engage with your users in a way that feels natural: by sharing a moment.

AdParlor, the global expert in social and video advertising, is one of the first Instagram Ads API partners. We support all available campaign objectives on the platform, including website clicks, mobile app installs and video views.

AdParlor Media Buying - Instagram Advertising

Benefits of Advertising on Instagram

With more than 300 million users, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms—giving advertisers a new way to engage users and drive performance results, leveraging precision targeting via Facebook’s user data.

  • Best in class media buying with personalized creative
  • Ability to auto-optimize performance from Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network to Instagram and other publishers
  • Experience growing brand presence and media spend by utilizing retargeting strategy on multiple fronts: CRM, store visits, website retargeting and more
  • Sophisticated analytics and reporting to truly understand optimizations, creative and target execution
  • Planning and strategic support to grow conversion, traffic, store visit, dynamic catalogue or other goals you have in mind

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Leverage the power of AdParlor being an official Instagram Marketing Partner Agency to improve your campaigns.

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As one of Instagram’s first official partners we’ve been running, optimizing, and analyzing Instagram campaigns from day one.

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