A Better Way
to Run Snap Ads

Buy and execute Snap Ad campaigns in a whole new way. AdParlor is using the Snapchat API to create a better buying experience for advertisers.

Allow AdParlor's Managed Services to deliver the best solution to fit your needs.

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Snapchat Advertising
Easily run and optimize Snapchat campaigns

Easily run and optimize Snapchat campaigns

We've taken the Snap Ad campaign creation and optimization processes from hours to minutes and provide the ability to:

  • Make efficient ad buys on Snapchat
  • Create and modify Snap Ads in bulk
  • Control ads once they begin to run

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Measure performance in real-time and compare across platforms

Whether you choose to have AdParlor run your Snapchat campaigns or do it in-house, our reporting will enable you to:

  • See how audiences are responding to Snap Ads in real-time
  • Optimize existing campaigns from within the reporting dashboard
  • Compare Snapchat performance against Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

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