Our Vision

What if it were possible to target your customers—using your data, in a brand-safe and privacy-friendly way—whenever they’re spending time on social media?

Now you can.

Or what about targeting—and retargeting—potential customers just when they’re about to watch a video about your competition?

And how about using what you learn from a campaign you’ve run on Pinterest, for example, to better target people on Facebook?

It’s now possible. In fact, we do it for clients every day.

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Our Vision

Helping to Leverage Your Data

Our product and operational expertise lead the industry in targeting ads where consumers spend the most time: on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Together, we can leverage your data, refining it into information you can use for effective one-to-one ad campaigns on the leading social media networks. Timing is critical: today’s the day to leap ahead of your competitors, many of whom don’t have a plan for truly making the most of their own data.

Leverage Your Data | 1: User Data - 2: Data Warehouse - 3: Custom Audience API - 4: AdParlor Platform And Expertise

1: User Data

Telecom provides scheduled, hashed, raw user-data…all safe within a closed loop environment.

2: Data Warehouse

Engineers & data scientists develop a secure, smart data warehouse to analyze and segment data into usable audience profiles.

3: Custom Audience API

Service to retrieve Premium Audience profiles, for use by advertisers, within our platform.

4: AdParlor Platform and Expertise

Learnings sent to the data warehouse for improved machine learning, audience profiles, and targeting.