What Worked
& What Fell Flat
In 2017?

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The AdParlor Audit—a combination of smart tech and creative minds—will arm you with the data needed to hit the ground running in 2018.

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For example, would you like to know how to...

Reduce Waste

60% of your budget is driving 90% of your ROAS

Improve Efficiency

57% of your audience segments have not resulted in a single conversion in the last 30 days

Enhance Strategy

Despite a sophisticated segmentation strategy, unintentional audience overlap is resulting in wasted spend

AdParlor Sets the Standard for People-Based Marketing

Focused on achieving a true people-based marketing strategy

The AdParlor Audit emphasizes marrying creative and media buying to really drive performance. As such, the process will identify opportunities within:

  • Account Structure
  • Campaign Setup
  • Targeting
  • Creative
  • Testing
  • Value-Adds
  • Business Rules

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Looking for more when it comes to creative insights?

Let AdParlor take a deeper look at the specific elements within your creative to leverage learnings from past and current campaigns to inform future creative decisions. Increase your ROAS potential by understanding both how well your creative performs and why it performs.

Utilizing our proprietary Intelligence Tag technology, this comprehensive Creative Audit solves some of our client's biggest challenges when it comes to driving both scale AND high value conversions.

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