AdParlor Features: OneVu Dashboard

OneVu™ Dashboard

Our team relies on OneVu dashboard to monitor your campaign and creative performance across all your media at one quick glance

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AdParlor Features: Intelligence Tags

Intelligence Tags

An industry first, Intelligence Tags technology uses a combination of machine learning and image recognition automatic to understand what elements are driving your creative performance.

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Addision, the Automation Assistant

Your personal assistant that works around the clock to help you deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time for the right price

AdParlor Feature: Agency Summary Board

Custom Metrics

As People-Based Marketing experts, we understand that every client has different measures of success. Report and optimize your campaigns using metrics that matter to you with AdParlor’s Custom Metrics

AdParlor Features: Actionable Reporting

Actionable Reporting

AdParlor’s reporting tool makes it easy for advertisers to drive return on ad spend by not only accessing all valuable insights in one tool but also taking immediate action to optimize media performance