Save time and improve campaign performance.

And, because Intelligence Tags are added automatically, there’s no extra work.

Know what works, and what doesn’t – quickly.

Quickly test all the elements of your creative, campaigns, ads.

Avoid time-consuming and costly focus groups or copy-testing scenarios.

AdParlor Intel Tags: Improve Campaign Click-through Rate

Automatic asset tagging for images, videos, campaigns, and more.

Powerful AI effectively tags creatives and then gathers actionable insights.

Intelligence Tags work for all your assets: images, videos, cinemagraphs, GIFs, text – even campaigns and ad sets.

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AdParlor Blog Post: Why Digital Ad Measurement is Broken

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Why Digital Ad Measurement Is Broken: Creative Testing Hasn’t Kept Pace With Digital Advertising: Now There Is An AI-Based Solution To Analyze Digital Creative.


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Case Study

See How AdParlor’s Intelligence Tags Provide Valuable Insights For A High-Fashion Retailer Looking To Increase Revenue, Awareness, And App Installs.