A Unified Dashboard

Dealing with siloed platforms, disparate campaigns and inconsistent metrics can be a challenge. The result is spending more time gathering data versus actually analyzing results.

AdParlor’s new OneVu’s dashboard can help. We offer a unified single sign-on dashboard that puts Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram results all in one place—in real-time.

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OneVu Dashboard: Cross-Channel Reporting

The OneVu Dashboard enables advertisers to make smarter decisions with the data, available at your fingertips.

Business Goal Alignment
Report and analyze on campaigns across multiple accounts. Combine metrics to see your overall spends for each goal
Robust filtering options enable you to see what matters most.
Top Performers
Identify top performers at a glance—break down by campaign, placement and creative levels for deeper analysis
Plug and Play Reporting
Export visual reports via PDF or Excel on an hourly, daily or weekly basis
No More Walled Gardens
See publisher performance side by side.
Ease of Use
Our OneVu Dashboard is highly customizable. Filter by publisher, date range, specific objective.