4 Creative Quick Service Restaurant Marketing Campaign Ideas

AdParlor Blog Post: 4 Creative Quick Service Restaurant Marketing Campaign Ideas

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In a world of dollar menus and 4-for-$4s, it can seem nearly impossible to distinguish your QSR & Franchise message from the rest. Crowded newsfeeds of food products appear constantly—but for good reason. Why is there no sign of stopping? The numbers don’t lie:

What’s the missing ingredient? Tailored creative. Presenting products in a personalized way that resonates with each consumer is both time-consuming and expensive. But it’s crucial to long-term success.

While delivering an individual ad to every single person isn’t possible (yet), we’ve come a long way in our approach of marrying creative with sophisticated media buying. Check out some ideas below on how you can tailor messages to reach unique audiences in ways that really hit home.

1. Drive Foot Traffic and Test Across Your Menu

QSR advertising should do more than just engage customers—it should get them to your locations to order and eat. That’s where Facebook’s Store Visits objective comes into play. With Store Visits, QSR advertisers can drive users to their restaurants and test to see which target and creative segments drive the most customers at the highest rate and cheapest cost. A tool like AdParlor’s Creative Blueprint allows you to get the most out of Store Visits by mass-producing videos, images and GIFs for testing. From there, auto-optimize spend toward the best performing regions with the most popular food items, like below:

Drive foot traffic and test across your menu

2. Satisfy Cravings with Creative Carousels

Your customers may want a sweet treat to eat—but don’t know it yet! High-end, customized creative can help make their decision easier. As an example, showcase your customers’ guilty pleasures with a carousel to keep them swiping for more treats. Testing should be plentiful:

  • Types of menu items
  • Menu combinations (single item v. full meal)
  • Flavors for one menu item
  • UGC v. Non-UGC Content
  • A storyboard of ingredients

Satisfy Cravings with Creative Carousels

3. Drive Online Orders for the Biggest Events of the Year

With popular events in play or just around the corner, it’s never too soon to show consumers what YOU can bring to the table (their dinner table, that is). Sports watch parties, graduation events, spring picnics, TV premiers and so much more are all great opportunities to capitalize on your company’s delivery service—so customize your creative to the right audience that will order en masse like below:

Drive Online Orders for the Biggest Events of the Year

4. Stand out on the Newsfeed with Behavioral Message Testing

Many QSRs try to show how low prices are to drive orders while others focus on value as a great differentiator. Which is the right answer? Both (or neither)—you must test to find out.

Testing iterations of tone and behavioral messaging can help see what inspires your customers to drive membership for reward programs, orders and store visits. Is calling urgency for a limited time offer something that drives orders for students? What about describing the experience of eating at your QSR to drive foot traffic for millennials? Will direct messaging about saving be a motivator for families to sign up for membership?

Stand out on the Newsfeed with Behavioral Message Testing


Proving that your business has something that directly meets every consumer’s unique needs is crucial as social media users become savvier. Relevant content is no longer a welcome surprise but now the expectation. Keeping people-based-marketing in mind when developing strategy and creative will not only help you reach your current audiences more efficiently, but it will help you pinpoint potential new customers that were previously out of reach, all while driving ROAS to new levels…

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