Unlike the social media channels that move heavily around news and entertainment, Pinterest is a platform built for inspiration. And while the average social media marketer may want to hear ‘convert’ more than ‘inspire’, people use Pinterest to shop and plan. Monetizing Pinterest means opening up your brand to 200m+ viewers per month, across the world, on a growing platform.

So how does your brand stand out in the feed? Below are four quick creative tips for compelling Pinterest ads.

1. Go vertical

Take up more real estate on the Pinterest feed with a vertical aspect ratio. The more swipes required, the more time you have to express your brand. But don’t make your Pins too long or they’ll get cut off. For Promoted Pin guidelines, check out Pinterest’s ad specs here.

Pinterest Advertising - Long Pin

2. Overlays, overlays, overlays.

In the Pinterest feed, headlines are non-existent, and descriptions are barely read. Here, a concise but beautiful text overlay goes a long way to drive home your message. Pro tip: include watermark-style branding for improved performance.

Pinterest Advertising - Overlay, Overlay, Overlay

3. Keep it simple for mobile.

Balance the usefulness of text overlays with a legible presentation. The majority of pinners are browsing on mobile, and content will display on their device for only a matter of seconds.

Pinterest Advertising - Keep it Simple

4. Test out available ad units.

Pinterest is an evolving platform with a growing number of ad units. Beyond the standard promoted pin, explore App Install Pins, Rich Pins, Promoted Video Pins. Find the units that boost click-throughs and conversion for your brand!

Pinterest Advertising - Ad-Units

Pinterest Advertising - Ad-Units
Image Source: business.pinterest.com

Taking consumers beyond a browse, captivating promoted pins create a journey of close-ups, click-throughs and saves. Bringing together visual storytelling in your creative is essential to move your customer from inspiration to conversion. After all, 1 of 2 pinners have made a purchase after seeing a relevant promoted pin.

Need help tailoring your Pinterest ads? Our Creative Blueprint makes it easier for advertisers to produce a variety of creative, optimized per platform, without the designer price tag.