Talk about viral sensations! – Pokémon Go, which launched on July 6, 2016, broke mobile app download records within one week of its public release.

Incredibly, one week into its release, the game already had more daily active users than any other game on the market, not to mention higher daily active (Android) users than Pandora, Netflix, and Twitter. On top of that, the app has been installed on 5.16% of all Android devices in the US alone.

When viral phenomena like Pokémon Go enter the scene, brands should ask themselves, “how can we join in on the fun?” Given the viral nature of the game, marrying content from Pokémon Go with social media campaigns is a perfect fit.

Here are a few tips to catch the attention of Pokémon fans who are trying to catch em’ all.

Ideas for Pokémon Go Ad Campaigns

Below you’ll find sample ideas for Pokémon Go social media campaigns that could be run by brands in a variety of verticals including:

Beverage Companies

Target mobile users who are experiencing hot temperatures of 70 degrees or higher with an ad for a cool beverage.

Interested in executing a campaign like this? Learn more about AdParlor’s Weather API tool.

Travel Companies

Target mobile users who are out and about during the peak hours of the day (8 AM – 10 PM) with information about historical landmarks they could visit to catch even more Pokémon.

If applicable, place a lure on the landmark to attract consumers to site.

Interested in executing a campaign like this? Learn more about AdParlor’s Dayparting tool.

Retail Apparel Companies

Show off fitness apparel that will keep trainers comfortable and at the top of their game while they catch Pokémon. Whether it’s shoes, hats, shirts or even water canteens– take advantage of users wanting to get outside to capture Pokémon by featuring your gear.

Technology & Telecom Companies

Pokémon Go can eat up your battery & data plan when using the app over a long period of time. Tech & Telecom brands could promote products that extend battery life, advertise data plans that support the game’s data usage, or even ask customers if the game is causing their device to crash.

Restaurants, Shops, and other Businesses

For a fun way to engage customers, businesses and restaurants could highlight their products while showing the potential to catch Pokémon in their general vicinity. No matter what the product or business, you can reach out to new customers by enticing them with the chance to catch Pokémon.

Pokémon Go & Contextual Targeting on YouTube

With AdParlor’s Contextual Targeting solution on YouTube, any brand can target Pokémon Go content exclusively.

AdParlor develops unique segments of inventory to meet your targeting goals more efficiently – and, we can extend that to campaigns surrounding Pokémon Go tutorials and videos online.

With a mixture of related content targeting segments (video games, top viral videos online), AdParlor can help your brand be the center of attention for a game that is capturing everybody’s attention.

Advanced Solutions

Like the most advanced Pokémon trainers, you’ll need the right tools under your belt to grow your social media campaigns. With AdParlor, you can use two innovative tools to improve strategy and enhance performance:

  • A/B Testing can help you optimize campaign performance by creative. Featuring a campaign with creatives showing Pikachu or Ash Ketchum? Use A/B testing to optimize spend toward whichever creative performs the best on your terms and KPIs. We can optimize toward specific social actions, video views, link clicks, mobile app installs and more.
  • Ad Intelligence can help you understand how elements like item position within images, background colors, the number of people or objects, or specific characters and products themselves perform within ad creative. Use this understanding of exactly which elements produce the greatest results to optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

Next Steps

Have more you want to discuss? Reach out to us on Twitter and we’ll reply with even more ideas, and how to apply this strategy for your next campaign.

Don’t be a slowpoke or snooze on the job – reach out to us to find the right solution for you.