Diversity is a Strategic Advantage

Diversity is a strategic advantage at AdParlor

Diversity is a Strategic Advantage

Diversity in the advertising industry can often be perceived as a buzzword. An unachievable metric that clouds the goal of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. A term that creates division, or the illusion of open-mindedness.

At AdParlor, the opposite couldn’t be more true. Diversity is celebrated and is a strategic advantage that benefits both our team and, we believe, our clients in many impactful ways. Just under two thirds of our team identify as female, and almost 40% of our team identify as non-white.

We are so proud to be a home to such a diverse team, and even more proud that they find success within AdParlor by leveraging their diverse backgrounds and skill sets to drive success for our clients.

Representation Matters

AdParlor is a women-led business. Our executive leaders, and 75% of our senior leadership team are women – of all ages and experience. We know that representation matters, and we’ve seen may examples of this over the past year – from the awe and inspiration of young BIPOC girls seeing themselves represented on the movie screen in the live action remake of Little Mermaid, to the courage it took for players in the National Women’s Soccer League to stand up for equal pay. There are so many more examples of how seeing is believing.

Opportunity Matters

At AdParlor, the message is clear – no matter what your identity or intersectionality, you have an opportunity to grow, lead, and excel on our team. According to one of our AdParlor teammates “Anyone can reach any spot. It’s how you work and the way you work that defines your place inside AdParlor.” There isn’t a glass ceiling that you’ll hit, it’s already been smashed to pieces and swept into the trash.

This message to our team also can also offer a benefit to our clients since our team is driven by the possibility and availability to grow and succeed. The benefit of knowing that your efforts will be rewarded encourages our team to go above and beyond for our clients. We have clients that have been with us for many years and have experienced exponential growth because of our partnership.

In short, providing real opportunity to our employees drives our teams to deliver incredible service to our clients and the opportunity to drive program evolution.

Experience Drives Strategy

Diversity is a clear advantage to our strategic competence as a business. The wealth of experience and differing perspectives that our team brings to the table allows us to elevate our strategic plans and recommendations to clients. Our team has been there and done that, and can speak to the results from across clients, industries, and geographies.

We can add strategic insights through our diverse lens by layering different ideas and suggestions with the confidence that our team has tried and tested them with success. Just ask this AdParlor team member: “Clients get all the benefits of a lot of different approaches, from a lot of different backgrounds but all pushing towards the same goal: To always deliver the best results on every project we put our hands on.

Not only can our clients benefit from this strategic advantage, but our team benefits from sharing their experience and perspective. Because we embrace and celebrate diversity, everyone’s voice is welcomed and the robust conversation that comes from contemplating what is truly best for our clients allows all our team members to contribute their diverse perspectives and learn from one another.

Though our native tongues, experience and heritage may be different, we all speak the common language of digital media advertising. The underlying unity that connects us allows for our differences to bring new ideas to our clients and to each other.

Know Your Clients, Know Your Audience

Diversity allows us to know our clients and their audiences inside and out, because we are them. When we work with our clients, they can see themselves reflected in our teams. Not only how they look or where they are from, but also their values and what is important to them. We can fast track the trust building process though connection and collaboration. This in turn often results in quick wins and success for our clients, which drives more trust, connection, and collaboration.

Our clients can benefit, our teams can benefit, and our business can benefit from this way of working together. This is summarized in a comment from our team here: “Our clients reflect all ages, ethnicities, and orientations. By working with diverse associates in an attentive, engaged & supportive environment, we gain a better understanding of not only each other but our clients too.

When we are crafting a strategy to hit the right audience with the right creatives assests, we can put ourselves in the audience’s shoes, because we are them, too. We know what they are looking for, what they are interested in, and most importantly, what may present as disingenuous.

Easy access to this information across our teams creates a strategic well of perspective that we can dip into. Exposure to different lived experiences, traditions, and values weaves a rich tapestry from which we all learn and grow from. Our clients can benefit immensely from that knowledge exchange.

Rolling Up our Sleeves

While many organizations struggle to crack the diversity code, here at AdParlor, we’ve embraced it and actively cultivate an environment that provides everyone the opportunity to shine.

We know we aren’t perfect, and that when it comes to diversity and equal opportunity, there is always work to do. We have accepted that challenge with our sleeves rolled up.

It’s a worthy endeavor because our team benefits, our clients often benefit, and at the end of the day, it’s the right thing to do for our business.

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