AdParlor Introduces CreatorFuel: A Full-Funnel Influencer Marketing Solution

NEW YORK, Aug. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AdParlor, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of CreatorFuel, its new fully managed influencer offering. With CreatorFuel, brands can now unlock the full potential of influencer marketing to fuel their growth and connect with their target audience in a more authentic and impactful way.

In today’s digital landscape, influencer marketing has become an essential strategy for brands looking to establish a strong online presence and drive meaningful engagement. However, managing influencer campaigns effectively requires extensive time, expertise, and resources. That’s where CreatorFuel steps in, offering brands a comprehensive solution to navigate the complex world of influencer marketing with ease.

AdParlor’s team of experienced professionals will work closely with brands to develop and implement highly effective influencer strategies that align with their specific goals and objectives. From influencer discovery and activation to content creation and amplification, CreatorFuel covers every aspect of a successful influencer campaign.

What sets CreatorFuel apart is its focus on performance-driven results. Unlike traditional influencer agencies that solely prioritize brand awareness, CreatorFuel leverages AdParlor’s 15 years of social media buying expertise to drive real business growth. By combining the influence and reach of top-tier influencers with data-driven targeting, brands can expect measurable and impactful full-funnel results.

With AdParlor’s mastery across paid social and expertise in content amplification, it’s the perfect complement to our current suite of services to unlock further growth for our clients“, said Andrea Haldeman, SVP & General Manager at AdParlor. “We know that influencer marketing should go beyond awareness and drive performance outcomes, and that’s exactly what CreatorFuel achieves.”

CreatorFuel is a logical next step for AdParlor,” said Kristina Coughlin, Head of Influencer Strategy. “Influencer marketing is such a rapidly evolving space, and it’s a very exciting time to be part of it.

CreatorFuel also boasts a diverse and extensive network of influencers across various digital platforms and networks. Brands can tap into this network to find the perfect fit talent that resonates with their target audience and effectively communicates their brand message. From Instagram and TikTok to YouTube and Twitch, CreatorFuel covers a wide range of social platforms, ensuring brands can connect with their audience wherever they are.

To celebrate the launch of CreatorFuel, AdParlor is offering an exclusive introductory package for new clients. This limited-time offer provides brands with the opportunity to experience the benefits of a fully managed influencer solution at a special rate. Brands can take advantage of this offer by scheduling a discovery call with AdParlor’s team by emailing or contacting us using our contact form.

About AdParlor:

AdParlor, an agency established in 2008 and now a division of Fluent (NASDAQ: FLNT), is a leading provider of data-driven digital media strategy and execution that unlocks explosive growth for world-class and disruptive brands. Through our GrowthFuel framework we offer proprietary performance marketing solutions that have scaled our clients’ programs profitably, with our clients’ success being our sole agenda. Our custom technology solves problems related to creative insights, creative production, real time cross-platform reporting and more. Brands choose AdParlor because our unmatched expertise in ecommerce digital media delivers impactful full-funnel performance campaigns for profitable growth.

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Paul T. O’Leary
Marketing Manager

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