Snapchat Launches New Ad Formats Including Sponsored Links For Their AI Chatbot

Snapchat is releasing a variety of new features for advertisers, content partners and creators. One of the biggest new features is called “First Story,” which will allow brands to reserve the first video seen by Snapchat users between Friend Stories, with a U.S. potential daily reach of more than 50 million users. Snap is also introducing ads in its Spotlight feature, which has more than 350 million viewers monthly. The company plans to drive attention to its content placements with major sport sponsorship packages such as the Women’s World Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Also, Snap Star Collab Studio is being launched for brands to connect with influencers for collaboration, similar to TikTok’s Creator Exchange. As Snap continues to invest in AI, it is introducing contextual sponsored links within its My AI tool that will surface paid links that are relevant to a conversation. For example, if you’re trying to figure out what to have for dinner, the bot might suggest a sponsored link that leads to a local restaurant or delivery app after providing an initial response. It might even surface links for an airline or hotel if you’re chatting with My AI about planning a trip.

AdParlor POV:

Snapchat is going hard in the paint investing in its ad platform and AI as they recover from faltering stocks. With TikTok facing government scrutiny, Snapchat’s expanded inventory is a welcome development. Our team uses a data-driven approach to design campaigns across multiple platforms and the initiatives on Snapchat allow us more chances to reach the right users, at the right place, at the right time.

Meta Introduces Generative AI To Its Future Ad Offerings

In a bid to improve the features of Meta’s Advantage+, also known as ASC, the company has introduced the use of generative AI to help improve the performance of ads. This addition is said to power tools such as text variation, background generation and image cropping. The AI sandbox is currently being tested with a small group of advertisers with plans to expand access to more advertisers in July.

AdParlor POV:

If you’re picking up on a AI theme, you’re following along. Artificial intelligence continues to play a game-changing role in many aspects of our lives. The social media landscape is one of the areas where this impact is most evident. Advertisers should expect to see continued growth in AI-powered tools and get comfortable testing its capabilities, especially when it could save your creative team countless hours by generating vast amounts of creative and copy at scale. Healthy creative variety gives the algorithms more real estate to pair the most resonating ad with each person served.

Auto Brands Driving Success with LinkedIn Ads

According to a new study from Nielsen, automotive brands are using Linkedin as a strategic source for sales and brand awareness. Even though the platform is known as a hub for professionals, the demographic and psychographic makeup of Linkedin users shows individuals who are actively growing their careers while also paying attention to their status among peers. A luxury vehicle, or other high-priced, lavish goods may speak to this user’s desires. The study shows that Lindkedin surpasses traditional media channels and other social platforms in generating return on investment for advertising dollars in the automobile industry.

AdParlor POV:

LinkedIn is no longer viewed as a marketing platform strictly for B2B companies. Today, smart B2C brands are able to reach and build relationships with some of the most educated and socially influential consumers worldwide. If selling cars on LinkedIn seems out of place, remember that auto buyers are more likely to be professionals – and those more active on LinkedIn are probably more likely to be concerned about outside perceptions, and building their presence. This is a good reminder to all advertisers that LinkedIn is where life and work intersect. LinkedIn professionals are still consumers at the end of the day.

Pinterest Shuffles Create Strong Presence Among Gen Z Females

The Pinterest owned app, Shuffles, is starting to get attention among Gen Z women. The app allows users to create and share collages using images sourced from Pinterest, such as designing a personal fashion mood board. Visitors on Pinterest discover the Shuffles content via the app’s “For you” recommendations feed, which opens at launch. Additional discovery methods are searching for hashtags and keywords and accessing “Followed,” “Popular,” and “Recent” feeds. The Shuffles app is currently only accessible on iOS devices in 15 countries, including the US. As of this time, there are no dedicated advertising units available.

AdParlor POV:

Shuffles provides a way to expose new offerings to a contextual audience which is an element for driving engagement and sales for retail brands. Pinterest has struggled with success in lower funnel campaigns, so Shuffles offers a stronger lead for users to carry through with purchases based on their product research on Pinterest. Shuffles builds on Pinterest’s goal of driving consideration during the purchase journey – from inspiration to sale – where visually appealing creative is king. Shuffles is currently dominated by pop culture so brands need to get creative to cut through the clutter. The first step for merchants is pinning their full product catalog and optimizing it for search.

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