Marketing has gotten pretty hard lately. From the abundance of data and the various ways to use it… to the evolution of marketing from mass targeted ads to customized messaging tailored to smaller, very specific segments, the pace of change is massive. Smart marketers are asking themselves these burning questions… Am I wasting my money? How do I ensure my social advertising efforts are driving ROI? With the social landscape constantly changing—everything from new features and ad types to increasing prices due to competition—it can be difficult for even the most sophisticated advertisers to constantly up the bar and achieve business objectives month over month. Campaign strategies that worked yesterday may not work as well today. And if you think they will, you’re already behind. How can you possibly keep up?

Look no further than the AdParlor Audit: Utilizing a combination of smart technology, creative minds and years of experience, AdParlor’s team of experts deep dive into your current social advertising strategies to provide actionable recommendations to improve performance and drive ROI to a whole new level.

What can you expect from the AdParlor Audit?

  • Customization: We recognize that each business comes with its own unique challenges and objectives. That’s why the first step involves AdParlor understanding your business goals, objectives and the challenges you’re facing within your current social strategy
  • Dedicated team: AdParlor dedicates a team of insights managers and analysts to each client. Once the team has been briefed on your goals, objectives and challenges, and fully understands what you’re hoping to achieve with the audit, we analyze every aspect of your campaigns, prepare insights and develop a plan that will allow you to achieve immediate results
  • Multi-channel: Our expert team is far reaching with the knowledge and experience to review, analyze and provide strategic recommendations across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Display campaigns
  • Actionable recommendation plan: This will include an overview of the process and strategies used in your campaigns, key findings as it relates to things like your campaign structure, targeting and creative strategies, and recommendations with concrete steps to improve performance

Looking for more when it comes to creative insights?

Take it one step further with a comprehensive Creative Audit. Utilizing our proprietary Intelligence Tag technology to pull learnings from past and current ad creative, our team uncovers not only which creative elements are performance drivers but also why they perform better than others.

Next Steps

Interested in learning how you can reach customers in a more relevant, robust and profitable way? Book an AdParlor Audit today and stop wasting money!