Brand-Safe Video Ads: Don’t Be the Next PR Disaster

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AdParlor Blog Post: Brand-Safe Video Ads: Don't Be the Next PR Disaster - eBook Download

Ads from the BBC and UK Charities once appeared on a jihadi recruiting video uploaded to YouTube. Beyond the PR nightmare, there’s also this: if the jihadis had a revenue share in place for their videos, they profited from the misplaced ad buys.

It makes the prospect of seeing your ad pop-up on a porn site fairly tame, right?

Terrorism and porn can badly damage the reputations of advertisers who spend years building their brands only to watch a programmatic ad buy go awry and wreck their good names.

How does this happen? Keywords are a big reason. Programmatic buying is largely dependent on how videos get tagged; algorithms read keywords and it can get a bit ugly from there.

But it doesn’t have to. There are safeguards that ensure brand-safe video ads. Learn more in AdParlor’s free eBook, Don’t Let Porn and Terrorism Ruin Your Brand: Video Advertising Done Right.

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