Does Size Matter? The Impact of Creator Follower Size on Paid Results for Branded Content

In the rapidly growing world of influencer marketing, brands are faced with the task of selecting the right creators to collaborate with to achieve their campaign objectives. One of the factors often considered is the size of the creator’s following. However, does the follower size actually impact the performance of paid ads in a branded content campaign? In this guide, we will explore the correlation between follower size and the effectiveness of whitelisted or co-branded ads, based on a study conducted by AdParlor. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Influencer Marketing Landscape:

The influencer marketing industry has experienced exponential growth, with a projected worth of $21.1 billion in 2023. When planning influencer-driven media strategies, the selection process often takes into account the size of the influencer’s audience. Larger influencers usually command higher fees, while smaller influencers offer more cost-effective options. Social channels also offer whitelisting capabilities, enabling brands to maximize returns on their investment in working with content creators.

The Power of Whitelisted/Co-Branded Ads:

Collaborative or co-branded ads have proven to be highly effective in driving results. Meta’s Collaborative Ads (formerly known as Branded Content Ads) have shown a 19% lower cost per landing click (CPLC) and a 17% higher link click-through rate. These ads provide an opportunity to amplify the reach and impact of influencer-generated content through paid promotion.

Exploring the Correlation between Creator Follower Size and Paid Results:

AdParlor conducted a study analyzing the results of Q4 paid advertising campaigns focused on driving website traffic, with a minimum budget of $100,000. The campaigns utilized Meta’s Collaborative Ads feature. The results were grouped into three categories based on creator Instagram follower size: Nano (1k-10k), Micro (10k-50k), Mid-Tier (50k-300k) and Macro (300k-1M+).

Key Findings:

  • The study included 24 influencer accounts, consisting of 2 Macro influencers, 8 Mid-Tier influencers, 8 Micro influencers, and 6 Nano influencers.
  • The Nano influencers had an average following of 5.7k, Micros had an average following of 37k, the Mid-Tier influencers had an average following of 159k, and Macro had an average following of 481k.
  • Micro-influencers drove the lowest cost per landing click (CPLC) and the highest link click-through rate, though the difference was pretty insignificant compared to the performance of other influencer segments (e.g. 2.25% click-through rate increase versus a 1.85% for macros). 
  • There was no direct correlation between the size of the audience and ad performance. Macro influencers did not show any performance improvement in the paid campaigns compared to the other categories.

The Importance of Creative Quality and Audience Resonance:

These findings suggest that the performance of paid ads within a campaign is more influenced by the quality of the creatives and how well they resonate with the targeted audience. While follower size may initially seem like a determining factor, it is the relevance and engagement of the content that truly impacts results. Brands should also consider the potential impact of organic content posted by the creators to capture the full return on investment (ROI) of influencer collaborations.


Based on the study’s results, AdParlor continues to recommend Meta’s Collaborative Ads feature to its clients to enhance ad campaign performance. When selecting influencers, brands should prioritize creators whose values align with their own and who can create compelling, resonant content for their target audience. Focus on the quality of the creative execution and the ability to authentically engage with the audience to drive optimal results.

Conclusion: When it comes to paid results for branded content, the follower size of creators does not directly impact the performance of ads. Instead, it is the quality of the creative content and its resonance with the audience that truly drives success. By understanding the importance of creative execution and fostering authentic partnerships with influencers, brands can unlock the full potential of influencer marketing and achieve remarkable results in their campaigns.

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[3] Data from Meta campaigns with traffic objective. Campaigns ran in Q4 2022

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