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Facebook has experienced rapid international growth in the last few years as it continues to grow and connect friends around the globe. In the company’s Q2 earnings report, there was an increase in U.S. daily active users (DAU), from 117 million in Q2 2011 to 142 million in Q2 2013. By comparison:

  • Europe grew from 127 million to 182 million DAU. Ad revenue in Europe went from $245 million to $451 million.
  • Asia grew from 85 million to 181 million DAU. Ad revenue went from $74 million to $225 million.
  • Rest-of-world grew from 87 million to 195 million DAU. Ad revenue went from $61 million to $202 million.

Daily Active Users vs Ad Revenue Graph

Israel is an emerging market for the social network; with a national population of 8 million and nearly half of the country classified as active on Facebook. Recently, AdParlor was selected to co-present at an event Facebook-organized for Direct Response companies in Tel Aviv with Secret Escapes, a recognized leader in the travel vertical.

sep13-1sept13-2This inaugural event set the stage for connecting Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD) with the leading brands and marketers operating in Israel. Focused on direct response initiatives, the conference provided a platform for current Facebook brands to expand and extend their social marketing efforts by working with a PMD. The Facebook EMEA team kicked-off the conference, discussing recent product launches and shared insights on best practices that partners are currently utilizing on the platform to achieve their goals. Afterwards, PMDs presented a client case study, effectively demonstrating how their Facebook expertise helped the client grow its presence and engagement on the platform.

AdParlor’s Director of Client Services for EMEA, Nadav Shmuel, was on stage with Gareth Griffiths, the Head of Digital Marketing at Secret Escapes, to showcase our recent campaigns and the incremental revenue gains from utilizing Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting and other proprietary features. Nadav and Gareth presented to an audience filled with 300 brand marketers, allowing them to get a sense of the partnership and impact a PMD provides to a client’s overall business. The event closed with one-to-one meetings where attendees were able to pursue business relationships with PMDs.

Finding the right partner can be challenging

Many companies have invested countless hours building their brands and must ensure that every partner understands the core message and is able to mimic that “voice” while engaging with fans both on and offline. More than 260 companies around the world make up Facebook’s PMD community, with just 14 of those designated as a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers (sPMD). AdParlor is among that select group of 14. A major distinction of sPMD companies is that they work alongside Facebook, actively planning for future business and product initiatives. They show their commitment to innovation by strategically aligning their products and services to deliver the highest quality of service for marketers. An sPMD like AdParlor also receives an enhanced level of support that we are able to extend to our partners. Our global teams are collaborative and consultative, sharing insights and best practices with our clients at every stage of the campaign—a level of service we take pride in.

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