Five Surprising Stats from a Social Media Audit

AdParlor Blog Post: Five Surprising Stats from a Social Media Audit

It’s early January and my guess is you’re finding yourself in a very familiar position: reviewing countless rows and columns from spreadsheets of data from your social media campaigns. Trying to understand how you performed last month, last quarter, last year can be difficult. Add to the fact that there are so many unique ad-units, functionalities and iterations of measurement from paid social and it feels like a very daunting task altogether.

Thankfully, AdParlor is here to help. AdParlor is offering The AdParlor Audit to customers this month with special pricing – allowing you to pinpoint the most effective and up-to-date practices to run paid social ads. Before diving into your data, we wanted to share five surprising stats from recently completed Audits.

Conversion Lift
Identifying proper campaigns to drive sales for Brick & Mortar Retail Company

A recently audited retail company could have increased conversion value by 72% if they had shifted budget from engagement campaigns to Dynamic Product Ads

Reaching relevant targets for Reaching relevant targets for Financial Service Company

To generate leads and reach a lower CPA, a financial service company should have shifted budget from the bottom three performing target groups to the top individual performing target group.

CPA Reduction
ROAS Improvement
Showcasing the right offer at the right time with Offer Ads

Online Retailer saw a 40% improvement in ROAS using the Offer Ad format on Facebook & Instagram compared to using identical Link Ads to sell its products.

Increasing efficiency with retargeting tactics for mobile

When retargeting users who visited their website, a diverse eCommerce Company saw a 27% lower CPI (cost-per-install) compared to interest and lookalike audiences in driving mobile app installs.

Lower CPI
Higher Sales
The Right Place at the Right Time

A major retailer could have increased conversion value for their campaigns by 22% by targeting one geo in the country instead of another geo.


Finding the proper ad unit, creative or targeting iteration makes all the difference in campaign performance. Do you want to identify which of your campaigns brought value to your budget? What about identifying campaigns that were worthless to your bottom line? Book an AdParlor Audit today.

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