How Gaia, a member-supported conscious media company, decreased their time spent on campaign management while achieving greater scale.

All About Gaia: More than just a subscription based service

Gaia is the world’s largest resource of conscious media with over 8,000 ad-free streaming titles to empower the evolution of consciousness. With four channels to choose from, Yoga, Seeking Truth, Transformation, Film & Docs, Gaia customers seek content that inspires their community every single day.

Gaia’s Challenge: Reducing Time Spent on Campaign Management

While some may argue that expanding social advertising to have hundreds of campaigns that house thousands of ads is a great problem to have, Gaia found that using the native platforms to manage and report on their immense number of campaigns and ads to be extremely time consuming and complicated. Gaia knew that they needed to find a better solution.

Finding the Right Solution: AdParlor POWER Tool Suite

AdParlor’s POWER tool suite enabled Gaia to achieve better performance by saving them time. In working with AdParlor, Gaia used the following:

Reporting and Analytics

Actionable (customizable) Reporting & Visual Reporting Suite:

This allowed Gaia to show results, trends, benchmarks and performance metrics across all social platforms in one place. This also allowed Gaia to make speedy campaign changes in the same dashboard.

Custom Metrics:

This allowed Gaia to measure and create custom formulas that mattered to their business. Gaia was able to customize reporting to see ROAS, ROI Index and more metrics based on their true KPIs.

Advanced Management Tools

Automation Assistant:

This allowed Gaia to manage their campaigns 24/7/365. Gaia saved time by automatically adjusting bids, budgets and ad status based on conditions like pacing, KPIs, Impression/Action Goals & more.


Intelligence Tags:

This allowed Gaia to tag their campaigns to then use custom reporting to analyze and uncover what is driving the best results. They tagged elements like content channel to measure qualitative aspects of their campaign more intelligently. This allowed Gaia to increase efficiencies from a targeting and creative perspective to drive demand to their service


The results from efficiencies speak for themselves! The Gaia and AdParlor teams were able to scale Gaia’s program online with efficient time management strategies & tools. We’re incredibly proud of these results and look forward to seeing how we continue to save both time and money for the team.


With the help of AdParlor’s POWER tools, Gaia was successfully able to decrease the time they were spending on campaign management while drastically increasing their business growth and profit. Imagine if you had an extra two hours per day when buying paid social media – what would you do with the time?

Next Steps

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