Instagram has solidified its command on the market, especially among digital native Gen-Z. Businesses that rely on social platforms to grow need to stay abreast of Instagram trends; they have a strong chance of creating and executing an impactful paid social strategy.

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app; it’s a video-based platform that allows creators to thrive with monetization tools. Instagram also allows brands to flourish with access to an engaged global audience and growth tools across the marketing funnel. 

Instagram has published its latest trends report defined by a handful of Gen-Z creators and tastemakers to inspire businesses in 2022.

Fashion and Beauty, Shopping and Influencers are major Gen Z instagram trends

On Gen Z and Instagram Shopping…

An Instagram for business survey found that 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly. This is why features like shopping tags are crucial for e-commerce businesses. Furthermore, eMarketer predicts that social commerce will grow to $80 billion by 2025. Now is as good a time as any to turn on the shoppable features on your Instagram account if you haven’t already. You can find a step-by-step guide here.

Even More Instagram Trends to Watch out For

Career & education, cooking, memes and dance challenges are crucial instagram trends for Gen Z in 2022

Irrespective of what your business focuses on, it’s worth noting all the other aspects that will make up Instagram in 2022 and onwards. 

Remember that to define your brand as cutting-edge; you need to be at the forefront of all the new updates and trends. From there, make sure to create content and products that adhere to your evolving audience and their purchase behaviours. These steps will impact the top of your funnel and your sales goals. 

Download the full infographic below to help inspire and inform your 2022 strategy and planning. If you’re interested in taking your Instagram campaigns to the next level, let’s chat. We know to help!