Happy Birthday to Rihanna, Charles Barkley…and the Twitter Ads API

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February 20th is a big day. A half-century ago, Charles Barkley was born. Then, when Sir Charles was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers at the ripe old age of 25, “Umbrella” singer Rihanna was born. While we want to give both celebrities a shout out, we at AdParlor are making a cake to celebrate another important milestone: one year ago today, Twitter unveiled its advertising API.

Official Twitter Ads API Partner

What the Ads API Means for Advertisers

The rollout of the Twitter Ads API was incredibly important for AdParlor clients because it enabled us to serve brands by effectively creating ads on Twitter. Heralding the announcement, Twitter stated in its blog: “With the new advertising API, marketers will soon have the ability to work with our initial set of Ads API partners to manage Twitter Ad campaigns — and integrate them into your existing cross-channel advertising strategies.” Gone were the days of manually posting.

As a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, we have seen great success in the promoted product suite. While a brand tweet like Arby’s “Can we have our hat back?” (In response to pop star Pharrell’s choice of headwear at the Grammys) was a stroke of marketing brilliance, the reality is most advertisers are looking for an easier way to create, engage, manage and optimize ads.

Response from Clients

To put it bluntly, brands love Twitter ads API. At AdParlor, our clients have tripled their growth in Twitter ad spend quarter over quarter. We expect that this trend will continue as our integration with the API allows brands to precisely measure the effect of Twitter advertising on their bottom lines.

Brands are benefiting by using Twitter to engage their audience and leveraging platforms like AdParlor to improve their ROI. Some notable examples:

  • A travel client drove mobile app installs at a cost-per-install (CPI) rate 13x cheaper than it were able to achieve prior to Twitter’s Ad API.
  • A music subscription client consistently drove mobile app installs at a CPI rate under $5 in the U.S., U.K. and Germany
  • A food and beverage client leveraged promoted accounts in the Twitter timeline to achieve a 23% cost-per-follower savings and a 30% higher follow rate, while scaling volume significantly (6x increase in average daily impressions, 7x increase in average daily spend)

After managing promoted tweets in seven languages across 15 countries, the results continue regardless of the continent. Why? Twitter builds brands, engages both users and subscribers and delivers traffic.

What’s not to celebrate?

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