Here’s How to Run a Cross-Channel Campaign!

AdParlor Blog Post: Here's How to Run a Cross-Channel Campaign!

We don’t spend much time bragging about ourselves on this blog. It’s just not who we are—we’re just more focused on making our readers smarter.

That being said, we’ve recently compiled the numbers on a cross-channel campaign we ran for a large state lottery commission. It turned out well, which means we’ll be doing some bragging by default. But at the same time, we’re going to raise your digital marketing IQ so that the next time you’re running ads across social media platforms, you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve.

For this particular campaign, we leveraged three of the most important social media networks in the world: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This was a complex campaign, but we couldn’t be more pleased at how it turned out.

Take a peek at the case study below:


A lottery commission in a large, Southern state sought to drive awareness and participation in its games. It engaged AdParlor to run a complex, cross-channel social media campaign to encourage video views, fans and site traffic.

The Strategy

We ran multiple video and image ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a 15-second pre-roll video campaign on YouTube. AdParlor took insights from results on one platform and improved targeting on others, which included the creation of an Instagram Lookalike Audience using demographics from receptive users in the Facebook campaign.

The YouTube component stressed brand safety with placement on premium entertainment, news/leisure and sports videos. We provided detailed reporting of ad placement at the URL-level to ensure suitability.



  • $.02 CPV
  • 30K NEW FANS


  • $.04 CPV
  • 5,700 NEW FANS


  • .04 CTR
  • $16 CPM

This Stuff Isn’t Easy

While we and the client were thrilled with the outcome of this campaign, there was a lot of heavy lifting, along with the continuous optimization. Crucial to our success was incorporating what we learned from campaigns run on one platform into the others. If you get stuck on that part of the process, you know who to call.

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