Data insights can uncover trends and provide pivotal learnings about a business’ activities that are otherwise undetectable by manual inspection.

Social, as a paid channel, provides a tremendous opportunity for marketers to differentiate their organizations from their competitors. Ad platforms like Facebook & Twitter provide new opportunities for achieving conversion goals – but businesses need more than social media data to achieve these bottom-line advertising and revenue objectives.

The process of connecting these two major data initiatives – business insights and social media advertising – to drive deeper learnings within a single organization is a technical challenge most organizations wish could be an easier task. Data can be hard to digest, especially in large quantities – making the process of deriving actionable business insights quite challenging.

AdParlor’s new Ad Intelligence tool steps in to help solve this complex and important business challenge. The tool is a free tagging system that allows advertisers to assign metadata to their ads, creative groups, and targeting groups. We call these “Intel Tags” — attributes that help marketers categorize and classify their social campaign data to uncover business intelligence insights. These insights can uncover learnings that can have a major impact on your paid social efforts – as well as initiatives across the entire organization.

The Ad Intelligence tool will help you accomplish two important goals:
  1. categorize your data sets, which will present deeper campaign insights to improve optimization decisions
  2. uncover less-than-obvious business insights about your paid social campaigns that will have an impact on your organization’s broader business decisions.

How the tool works:


  1. Start by creating any number of categories & tags to represent the “dimensions of data” that can be appended directly to ads uploaded in AdParlor’s platform. This concept is similar to the idea of ‘taxonomy’ – a core module that gives your data an organizational structure through categories, tags, or metadata. Taxonomies allow you to connect and classify your ads for more streamlined management.
    • As an example, you can start by creating a ‘category’ such as ‘colours’ and then create individual intel tags within that category such as ‘red,’ ‘green,’ or ‘blue.’
  2. Easily generate reports that connect social ad metrics like impressions, clicks, spend, conversions, engagements, installs, revenue, etc. to these categories and tags. Generate reports based on the metrics that are most valuable to your team and organization.
  3. Dynamically make ad optimization decisions like budget adjustments, bid changes, pausing ads, etc based on these deep business insights.
  4. Leverage this data to make deeper informed decisions across your entire business.

We’ve designed the tool around the biggest challenge in online advertising — the ability to analyze and react to big data swiftly. We know that online advertising requires full engagement of your creative and analytics brains, so we’ve built a tool that will help you make the most out of both.

Let’s dig in.


Let’s take a look at a hypothetical food and beverage advertiser, who we’ll call “Coffee Company.” This company is running hundreds of campaigns, ad sets & ads across Facebook and wants to be able to easily track, report and optimize their ad spend towards metrics like engagement.

The advertiser wants to connect these efforts to their internal business intelligence activities, in order to analyze the variables that drive business results. These variables could include the type of drink being advertised, the colour scheme of art in the creative, or perhaps whether the ad is promotional or non-promotional.

Coffee Company might create 3 categories and the following ad tags:

Flavours: caramel, mocha, strawberry, raspberry
Drink: frappe, caffee lattee, caramel macchiato, espresso
Creative: hands, with food, winter, summer

The advertiser can then append each tag to their ad uploads in the AdParlor platform and begin to track, report and optimize their ad spend across these meta dimensions.

Use case #1:

The advertiser might, over time, begin to see a trend where women are engaging at a 3x rate with images featuring “caramel flavours” versus men who are engaging 4x with images featuring “mocha flavours”. As a result, Coffee Company may decide to redirect future budgets based on these insights. Coffee Company could also take these learnings and spread them across their other digital and offline efforts. For example the advertiser might share these learnings with their brick and mortar teams in charge of in-store promotional creative. These marketers can apply the data from paid social media efforts to affect change on how they create in store colour schemes.

Use case #2:

Coffee Company, over time, begins to see a trend where individuals in the 18-34 age range engage 3x higher with regular “frappe” ad campaigns versus individuals in the 35-64 age range who engage 5x with “caffee latte” ad campaigns. Coffee Company may decide to shift their social budgets to these segments based on the ad performance. The advertiser could also expand upon these learnings and apply them to their TV advertising efforts to shift more diet based messaging creative to an older segment of the TV audience versus regular non-diet drinks geared towards the younger segments.

Action Taken: ‘Coffee Company’ may decide to redirect future budgets based on these insights or make corrective changes to the current campaign.

Business Insights: As one example, “Coffee Company” might share these learnings with their brick and mortar teams in charge of in-store promotional creative. These marketers can apply the data from paid social media efforts to effect change on how they create in store color schemes.


Every company’s data strategy is different and will need some level of customization. AdParlor’s Ad Intelligence tool blends the best of both worlds – structure and flexibility – by allowing advertisers to track the business insights and relationships that are most important to them. Leverage AdParlor’s platform to discover new advertising and business opportunities to run your most efficient and high-impact campaigns yet.