Introducing Actionable Reporting 2.0

We at AdParlor recognize that the world of social media advertising has grown unrecognizably complex and competitive since we launched our platform as one of Facebook’s first Ads API partners in 2010. In 2015, the modern day advertiser must be constantly testing, analyzing and optimizing to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. With basic tools such as Ads Manager or Power Editor, this can be a tedious and cumbersome process. AdParlor can help you be more successful, with less effort than ever.

AdParlor’s Recipe for Success

  1. Create well structured, segmented campaigns that enable you to A/B test across targeting parameters and creatives used
  2. Analyze your results and make optimization changes to drive better performance based on your findings
  3. Once you understand your market position, create customized Rules to automatically optimize based on real-time data to offload manual work where applicable
  4. Schedule reports to automatically send you updates on the things you care about, in the format you want; couple this with notifications generated by the Rules Engine which trigger on customized conditions for urgent issues
  5. Iterate and profit ($$$)

By combining the AdParlor suite of tools with our proven and trusted recipe for success, advertisers can expect better results, for less. Our new and improved Actionable Reporting toolkit is packed with features designed to maximize user efficiency and provide deeper insights to your data, so you can do more of what’s working, and less of what’s not.

Actionable Reporting 2.0 Feature Overview

Our powerful set of reporting tools enables you to understand who your ideal audience is and how to reach them effectively. These are some of our favourite features.

1. Pivot Tables

How: Group your Ads together by any number of attributes (e.g., gender, country, post image) to easily compare performance metrics (e.g., CPA, CTR, CVR) between these parameters at an aggregate or granular level.

Why you should care: Get deeper insights, faster, across as many Campaigns or Ads as you want.

AdParlor Actionable Reporting Pivot Tables
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2. Reporting Meets Bulk Management

How: Run your reports, then use your findings to perform optimization actions instantly inline or in bulk from the same screen.

Why you should care: Save time, effort, and reduce user error.

Actionable Reporting Bulk Management
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3. Tabs Tabs Tabs!

How: Generate reports in new tabs or overwrite the current active tab; drop and drag tabs to rearrange the order that they appear.

Why you should care: More information at your fingertips; allows you to see the big picture and to multitask without ever leaving the same screen.

AdParlor Actionable Tabs
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4. Shared Reports

How: Download multiple reports to Excel or CSV files, or generate a sharing URL that lets another user view your active tab from their own browser (so you can effortlessly ensure apples-to-apples comparison).

Why you should care: Collaboration between teammates has never been easier; provides option to grant complete transparency for clients (with use of read-only logins) to help build and maintain trust.

AdParlor Actionable Shared Reports
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5. Saved Reports

How: Build your report how you want it, then save the complete configuration (group by, metrics, filters, date range, and status filter) to the system. Additionally, your teammates can see and use your reports (they cannot modify your settings; however, they can duplicate and edit), for enhanced collaboration.

Why you should care: Save time by setting up your own personalized reporting templates once, then re-using these as you wish; they can be modified and edited as required.

AdParlor Actionable Saved Reports
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6. Scheduled Reports

How: Schedule one or many reports to be automatically emailed on an ad hoc or recurring basis (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Why you should care: Never forget to check on a Campaign – receive information that you care about directly to your inbox in the way that makes sense to you, at the frequency that you want.

AdParlor Actionable Scheduled Reports
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Extra for Experts

  1. Use our free-labeling system “Ad Intelligence Tagging” to organize and categorize your Ads however you want, getting deeper insights to your data.
  2. Become a keyboard ninja and maximize your efficiency with our hotkeys.

Don’t waste any more time wrestling with cumbersome Excel spreadsheets for limited insights to your data; try the new Actionable Reporting tools for yourself today!

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